Not dead, not alive

May 1, 2012

So it’s been a long time since anything has been posted here.

In light of recent events, that’s something that is likely to change.

I make no promises regarding how frequently I’ll post, but I think it’s something I want to do. I’ve got a lot of hobby projects and a lot of painting to get done. On top of that, I’m contemplating accepting commissions again.

We’ll see. ๐Ÿ™‚


Bayou Kriel

December 19, 2010

Rivercity Slow Grow
The local gamers have set up a slow grow, paint and play slow grow league. Every month starting at 15 points we need to fully paint and play an army. Next month we go to the next point value, using the same models we started with and building on them. Seeing as how I could not build a list of unpainted models for most of my armies I grabbed my trolls that I got on a whim and a trade or two to help run my minions till Barnabas came out. I did not have a warlock unpainted so I picked one, Epic Madrak, the World Ender. 5 Fury means very little beast and I got to paint some of the cool troll troops.

Impaler was a must
Fennblades were a must
i thought a bomber was a must so I painted one

I forgot we were playing scenarios so I was wondering if a blitzer would be better…Which one to use

both were deadly, close to the same stats. But the blitzer animus won the day




I settled on

eMadrak +5
Blitzer 9
Impaler 5
min fennblades 5

For some reason I have been fixated on swampy looking bases, with water effects or not. Swampy colors, dark browns, dirty greens, and the such, but I wanted a new color to make these guys pop, so I incorporated Teal, don’t ask, I don’t know why, I just like the look.

Set in stone

December 6, 2010

Captain Stompypants, Smasher of Hunger. He was going to be a one-off until I read the rules for Cassius the Oathkeeper.

It’s been another long lapse since the last post in this space. So when I received a request on Twitter to come up with a how-to for the sandstone I’m using for my burgeoning Circle Orboros army, I really couldn’t say no.

Out of the hundreds of minis I’ve painted, this really is one of my favorite color schemes. Very few of my armies follow the studio scheme; I’ve always gotta do something different. And Circle is no exception. No green or gray for me; sandstone and orange for the constructs, autumnal browns and oranges for forest/tree walkers. It’s a different palette for me and so far, it’s challenged me as a painter and forced me to come up with new ways to do things.

Since the one model I have in progress doesn’t have any stone work on it, I chose one of my resin bases for the tutorial. Four colors, one wash and about 5 minutes gets some pretty solid results.

Resin base, black primer

Basecoat the rock with Bloodstone. If you're painting a construct, you'll want to drybrush for a rougher, non-uniform look.

Drybrush the textured surface. You'll want to let the black primer shaded the recesses for you. Don't worry about being messy!

Drybrush everything with Gun Corps Brown. This is your first layer of highlight, so don't go too heavy. On a model with well-defined edges like a Wold Guardian, you'll want to make sure the highlights are visible, but not too heavy. Two more layers to go.

Drybrush with Moldy Ochre. Try not to completely cover the highlights you just did.

Final highlight: Menoth White Base. This should be your lightest, most well-defined edge.

Wash heavily with Citadel Ogryn Flesh wash. Yes, I realize this is a product from that โ€œother company.โ€ But since the wash is reddish, it's going to unify all four of those colors and blend everything together. We'll talk about other washes to use in a bit.

Final step: Paint the rim of the base black. Done!

If you didn’t want your stone to have a reddish hue, Citadel’s Gryphonne Sepia wash is a nice warm sepia (duh) tone. For a dirtier, grittier look, Devlan Mud is a fantastic wash that will dirty up the most pristine looking models. It’s actually what I washed all of my Cygnar with. We’ll have to revisit washes, inks and glazes in another installment. There are a lot of tips and tricks my buddies and I have discovered and they’re too good not to share.

As for the Circle force I’m working on, it’s mostly models that are a part of Cassius’ theme. I haven’t picked up everything I need to build it, so I had to substitute some models for painting purposes. The crew back in Boise is running a slow-grow painting league and I figured I’d paint along even though I won’t be able to get any league games in. If there’s one thing the 100-point painting challenge taught me, it’s the importance of structure and VERY attainable goals when painting an army.

So here’s what I’m working on for the next month or so:

Army Name: Circle SG 15
Circle Orboros
15+6 points, 12 models
Cassius the Oathkeeper ย +6 points
* Wurmwood, Tree of Fate
* Gnarlhorn Satyr ย 8 points
Shifting Stones ย 2 points
* Stone Keeper ย 1 point
3 Warpborn Skinwalkers ย 5 points
Wolf Lord Morraig ย 5 points

The jump to 25 points will be an easy one โ€” Megalith. He’ll be a good candidate for a step-by-step tutorial, assuming my train hasn’t jumped the tracks by then!

Wyatt, Doc, Virgil, Morgan and Stompypants. Still debating if the Shifting Stone crew will get fancy bases or not.

Wyatt. He regulated on some dwarves not too long ago. He should've killed more of the stunty bastards.

Doc? Is that you? Are you really gonna be my Huckleberry? Or is this Morgan or Virgil? Yeah, they all look alike...

Project Shiba: Behind the scenes

October 15, 2010

Hey, it’s been awhile!

I’ve been busy with plenty of painting projects and I’m actually to a point where I can write about them. A few of you may have heard about Project Shiba, in which I painted up an Ashlynn d’Elysse battlegroup as described here. After Ep6 of Lost Hemisphere Radio, in which MenothJohn describes an Ashlynn-led Highborn force, I got it into my head to paint up a battlegroup for him to help get the army started. I had started work on a Vanguard conversion, had a Nomad conversion, a Mangler and was able to acquire a custom-built Ashlynn model. It was just a matter of getting it painted and delivered.

So, what I’ve got for this space are the work-in-progress shots that show how Shiba came together.


Testing the color scheme on the Vanguard.



After metallics, basecoats were Gun Corps Brown and Exile Blue.



Hammerfall Khaki and Beaten Purple.



A "character" Vanguard needs character... in the form of a flag.



Merywyn the Vanguard, at the ready.



Mangler gets the same treatment with Gun Corps Brown and Exile Blue.



Bringing the colors up.



Highlights... Sanguine Base over the Beaten Purple.



The 'jacks all get Llaelese freehand.



Ashlynn conversion: Ashlynn torso and arms; Daughter of the Flame legs; Gravus cape. Thanks Adam!






And a gun in this hand...



The cape was very fun to paint. Oh, and I didn't paint her as a blond. ๐Ÿ˜‰



By some miracle, Ashlynn's actually looking down the blade.



This was the "player to be named later" โ€” a surprise addition to the battlegroup.



Ironclad boiler added to the Nomad.



The Nomad just might be my favorite paint job in the bunch.



Project Shiba takes the battlefield!



Kaelyssa meets the Nomad. Their first date did not go so well.


So there ya have it, a fairly incomplete look at Project Shiba behind the scenes. If you’re interested in hearing about Shiba’s first battle, check out Lost Hemisphere Radio’s Ep13.

Assuming I have my stuff together, I’ll get pics of my Angry Elves in this space too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Too quiet…

September 22, 2010

It has been exactly 4 months since I last posted in this space. I wish I could say it was for something as simple as being distract by new shinys…

I haven’t stopped writing (I don’t think I could ever let that happen), I just haven’t written anything in this space since May. New job, new city… sure, that all played a part in my diminished role here. But I’ve missed writing this blog, in this space that’s been mine since 2007. Hard to believe it’s been that long.

I’m not gonna lie; there’s been something that has re-ignited my interest in this blog: TempleCon 2011. Airline tickets are purchased. Rooming arrangements are being made โ€” and more importantly, gaming and socializing is being planned. It will be fantastic to return to the scene of my indoctrination into gaming conventions (way back in 2009!), catch up with old friends and finally meet some people I only know through the series of tubes known as teh intarwebz (Gdaybloke, I am talking about you!).

The 2011 TempleCon schedule is here, and if you’re a Warmachine/Hordes fan, you want to be there. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a number of conventions since February 2009 โ€” TempleCon, Gencon, PAX โ€” and they all have their strong points. But TempleCon is special because it was my first. And 2011 will be special for the absolute mayhem, carnage and shit-talking Team Ghettokore is bringing to bear. We’ve got a fantastic team assembled, now it’s just a matter of making sure everyone gets there.

Since this is the second “rebirth” for Ghettokore Studios, the blog has gone through another face lift, and I think I’m going to stick with this one. Let’s say I’ve learned a little bit about marketing and branding in the past 6 months.

As February 2011 gets closer, keep an eye on this space for updates on painting, strategy and our nefarious plans.

. . .

To focus on the immediate future, Breast Cancer Brawl: Boise 2010 is set for Sunday, Oct. 3. The event is in the capable hands of brotherscott, and I’m pretty excited to be attending. My Angry Elves will be on the table and I’m still trying to work out some creative ways to help the event raise even more money for charity.ย If you’re in the Boise area, you’ve got absolutely no excuse for not dropping by and checking out the event. And if you’re out of town, it’s definitely worth the trip. ๐Ÿ™‚

PAX Invitational

July 12, 2010

Wow it has been over a year since I went into my FLGS, All About Games during the 09 Invitational with the full intention of making my opponents cry and crushing them all under my boot heel. We had just cleaned ourselves up from all of our dirty MK Field testing, and I had decided to unpack my best force, Cryx for the tourney. I then proceeded to build two of the most broken and evil armies I could muster, like 6 arc nodes with the witch coven. Anyway that is all memories and the past.

We got to host the invitational again this year. BrotherScott is running it and has made sure we all know what is going to happen. This year is sort of different for me. Yes I want to play, yes I want to win, but I am not sure what army to take. Steamroller has changed to the point that we get rewarded for playing the scenario, not just for killing the opposing warcaster as fast as possible. I have witnessed where the ability to score some CP’s has meant the difference to who played for the championship, also it was the deciding factor in third place and the further finished standings.

While I have several lists that “should” work with cryx to control some CP’s, they all need much more testing than I have been getting in. So I am not going to bring the nastiness to the tournament. I still have several more options ahead of me. I could run khador, but again, I am unsure if there is a controlling list that will work, so my blue and whites get to sit it out too. Circle has been altered from I am used to, not in a bad way mind you, they just got a shift in their abilities in mk2 and I have yet to sit down and truly digest it. Having their cards help, but I will probably have to wait for the circle book in November before they see much table time, though I may muddle through them for the Genesis event. Only two factions left…Retribution and Searforge. Uh oh memory lane time. At PAX during working mans I ran the rhullics and got looks when I loudly declared my faction. I battled long and hard, in the end lsot, but I think I represented the rhuls fine. They have won a few tournies locally too. I have got board control with Gorten, tiered or just contract, and I have assassination capabilities with him too. I can run his tier easily at tier 4, or I run his contract, which one is stronger is purely debateable.

Then there is Retribution. Rahn is a control caster, especially when running tier 3, and I have strong caster kill abilities. The one and only advantage is the status effects of fire on the phoenix myrmidon, not sure if that is a major plus yet or not. Well I can always go with what is painted more, and due to some new releases they are about equal, I doubt I will have spare time to get the slacker models painted.

I better figure it out quick, the 18th is nigh.


July 5, 2010

Immoren Idol is over.

Check out the play by play over at Lost Hemisphere

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