Change in plan…

September 27, 2008

So Wade has picked up Trolls and would like me to paint them. That means Challenge II will be reshaped and rethought.

I picked up the Bouncer on Thursday; the Drakhun is pissing me off. As long as I still get it done as a going away gift for Graham (who is at basic as we speak) I will be happy. It just doesn’t feel like the right model for the contest. The Bouncer has been inked and I have until Tuesday afternoon to make him look all purtee and stuff.
I still have most of Wade’s Legion to paint, but the addition of Trolls means I will have some much-needed cash coming in. It also means I need to start writing invoices so I know what I’ve charged him. He’s the best client ever; it’s cool to work on retainer.
Anyway, I thought an update was needed since I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I think the next pics will be of the Gnarlhorn and Bouncer. Maybe even Ol’ Rowdy, but I’m not sure when I’ll squeeze in painting for me.


September 24, 2008

In an amazing act of patience, I threw down basing materials on all of my Trolls — 11 small bases, 32 medium bases and 2 large bases. Also based the Gnarlhorn and Ol’ Rowdy (who is amazing!).

There will be a priming party and then the Trolls will be ready to be painted. I’m not completely sure where they fall into the grand scheme of things; my Cygnar and Protectorate deserve to be fully painted, but Trolls are Teh New Shiny (sic) and bright pink is appealing at the moment.
Then again, I’ve got the Cryx and Drakhun to paint as part of the next Challenge, which will start at some point.
I may make the next Challenges less rigid than the first one. I’m not sure. It was a lot of painting, and right now, it’s nice to have been able to relax the past few evenings. And I’ve started doing stuff with my Flames of War army — I’ve gone from having very few tanks to 8 that need painted. We won’t talk about the state of my first rifle company, or the fact I have a second company that needs to be glued and based. Yeah, too much pewter.
In other news, I should have the bits from PP tomorrow (I hope) or Thursday. I can make the Cygnar Bokur and get beer mugs for the Scattergunners. Yeah, I need 4 more of them to fill *that* unit and 2 more Kriel Warriors for a full unit there. The caber for my thrower seems to have gone missing; I blame cats. It is around.
Procrastinating on posting pics from Sunday’s tourney. I have been hit with a major attack of the lazys. There’s also the fact I have gotten into another fantasy series — the Pendragon Cycle — and would rather read instead of playing on the ‘puter. 
I plan on focusing on models that will earn me $$$. I think I’ll jump on the Gnarlhorn tomorrow after I prime it. I may pack it, and the Drakhun down to work tomorrow night since it’s 40k and there is a strong likelihood  I’ll be there late.
Readings and sleep call.

Day 13, the conclusion

September 20, 2008
Madrak is finally done. I think after painting the beasts in the boxed set first, he is the one I’m least pleased with. He is a little rushed but looks OK with the rest of the box.
Anyway, I’ve got the Madrak progression from today and the pics of the finished box.
Base coated. I really didn’t like this.
Wasn’t much better from the back, either.

 But then, there was ink!
And we hated it a lot less!
The finished product.
I like using Arcane Blue for glowing runes.
Yeah, this is a lot better.
The battle group. Say cheese.
No, you can’t take his chicken.
Purple mohawk needs a name.
It’s the axer! With orange mohawk.
This model was a lot of fun to paint.
Hey, he’s got a buddy in his bag!
It’s Smiley, my favorite.
Smiley likes to kill things.
So the lesson from all of this? I can paint fast when I have to. Inks and washes are your friend. And I need better/brighter lights for the ghetto-ass light box. Or, I need to pick up some light blue poster board and use that for the background. That would be the cheaper answer to buying new lights.
I’m anticipating the painting desk will make my life easier. Things are sort of organized. I’ve got more room to work, the painting light and access to all my paints and inks.
The frightening thing is seeing how much stuff I need to assemble. I’ve got tons of Menoth sitting around, Cygnar I stripped and Trolls. And Cryx. Yeah, scary. 
So, with Challenge I complete, here are the models on deck:
Challenge II
  • Vayl
  • Striders
  • 2 Bonejacks
  • Helldiver
  • Kraye
  • eMadrak
  • Pureblood Warpwolf
  • Drakhun (for painting contest)
  • Gnarlhorn Satyr
Some of these have paint on them already. I started Kraye, then got distracted by something or another. He’s got a decent base coat. I was going to paint my 3 Grundback Blasters, but would rather get more of Haley’s beasts painted for her since she’s in the league. Striders and Gnarlhorn have top priority right now. I have a few paid gigs that may come in, but I’ll deal with those as I get the models on one of them, and the money on the other.
Battlebox Beatdown is tomorrow morning. After that, it’s time to start planning for October’s Cheesemachine Tournament — the cheesiest 350 you can field.
/end Challenge I

Day 10 pics, Day 11

September 19, 2008
Big push with Trolls was successful. Gained much ground with them Wednesday. Also started throwing paint on some of the Cryx models I have (do not ask why I have acquired the Cryxes).
In any event, here are the pics from Day 10 so I can move forward. I failed to document my Day 11 paintings. There wasn’t much.
Yup. Chickens and a Helldiver. Because they remind me of crustaceans.
Hey look, metallics. Very *blah* metallics.
But wait, there’s ink! And we don’t hate them as much.
And the ink wash works well on leathers! Yay!
The ink wash was an experiment with the P3 mixing medium, which we fully support and endorse at this point. It was 2 drops P3 brown ink, 1 drop armor wash, 2-3 drops of mixing medium. Not the same consistency as FFW; a little thicker and more viscous. Easier to control and the result was very favorable. I will try the same ink combo with FFW to determine which I like more.
The other thing I tried out was highlighting pinks with the wet palette. It works pretty well for mixing and blending; I guess I’m more comfortable painting with a wet brush than trying to blend with 2.
In other news, a Stalker has joined the Cryx. Again, I want to paint them to look like lobsters and crabs. I have no idea if I’ll actually collect enough to make an army out of.

Day 12

September 19, 2008


Impalers and axer are done. Finished highlights, painted faces and based yesterday. I will take pics after they’ve been sealed.
Also assembled Gnarlhorn. Yay!

Day 10

September 17, 2008

Today is the day I need to make a big push with the Trolls. Everyone except Madrak is where they need to be; still not positive how I want him to look, but I’m thinking that once I plug in the iPod, I’ll get a pretty good idea. At least that’s the hope. 😛

Day 9 pics

September 17, 2008
Here they be:



Caution from behind

Showing off model numbers

Showing off their names
Facing front

Family portrait
Names painted on the back

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