Day 3

Today consisted of painting Lylylth and her evil epic self. Very easy colors — thamar black, frostbite and radiant platinum. Made up a wash consisting of armor wash, water and Future Floor Wax… did a fantastic job on Lylyth’s armor — it was so good on the normal model that I threw paint on the epic because I didn’t want to waste the ink.

Not sure what I’ll get painted tonight. I have the headache from hell and won’t get off work until about midnight (it’s 40k night). I’ve assembled Graham’s Drago and will build Fire of Salvation because I have an eKreoss list I want to try against Scott. I brought the Gorten set and was going to try and highlight those models.

Scott found a Cat with a drill attachment, so Kitteh will get a new model number: 216B2


Anyway, I’ll post pics of whatever I have finished before I got to bed.


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