Day 4

Trying to get caught up with this thing here and the painting.
Day 4 was highlighting Shredders and the Harrier and both incarnations of Lylyth. I’d have updated pics, but the army is at AAG since Wade & Haley want to get some practice games in.
Managed to play Protectorate vs. Scott’s PoM army and sucked mightily at it. I forgot how annoying zealots are and I’m not really very good using TFG, although mine looked pretty good (yay painted unit!). Will have to post pics of painted Protectorate. Anyway, we had to end the game because it was time for me to work, he won on VPs. Maybe I should stick to Cygnar.
Anyway, last night I started to add detail to the Gorten box and threw magenta ink on Trolls. Not sure how much work it saved me, but we’ll see.

Trolls inked with GW magenta & Future Floor Wax. Shiny.
Kitteh gets his stripes.
Gato, Neko & Cait get their stripes. And glowing blue eyes.
Stripes for the boss man too.
Haley’s Warpwolf, ready for paint.

And now we’re onto Day 5 for painting… coming up, one angry puppy.

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