Day 5

So for Day 5….

Primed and painted Haley’s Warpwolf and finished in the wee hours of… today. Basecoated and inked Friday afternoon. Went to AAG and worked on the Gorten box. Tried to make the Heartfire show through a little less and did some extreme highlighting on the gun bunny heads.

Managed to get Pig Iron on the trolls, need to decide what color for the leather. I also get to basecoat the skin, as the ink wash didn’t do what I needed it to. I guess if everything went according to plan, this blog would be more boring than it is. 😛

Started working on Warpy again around midnight. Finished a little after 2:30 a.m. and did a coat of GW matte varnish. Dullcote this morning. Pics will be posted later today.

Not going to get any painting done until late tonight/early Sunday morning since I’m working and the ‘Ard Boyz tourney is going on in the next room. At least I was able to grab a few minutes to post here!


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