Day 5 pics, Day 6

Here’s the Warp Wolf. I’m pretty happy with him. He helped me get a rifle company for my Flames of War army, which will be making an appearance in this space at some point.
I think this is Warpy’s best side. Love the eye and teeth.
Yeah, it’s still a goofy frickin’ pose.
I expected more from this shot, but was in a hurry.
The biggest problem with Warpy is that he took me longer than I wanted. But I’m pretty excited I was able to finish a warbeast in a day. I think it would’ve gone faster if I hadn’t failed with my ink wash, but live & learn.
The head-on view isn’t as cool in the photo; in person it looks pretty neat. One of the things I tried with him was to cheat and pick a portion of the model to do better detail on. He’s not sloppy by any means, but he doesn’t have as many layers as I could have done. And I wanted to see if it would be acceptable with fewer layers. I think it worked. I chose to focus on the wolf’s face — bright blue eyes and sparkling teeth — so that’s the first part you look at on the model. I’ll slowly incorporate the speed painting tricks from as I remember them. Now if only I was done with that Gorten set.
Day 6
I’ll still call it Day 6 even though the painting was done between 2 a.m. and the writing of this blog. Just did some finer detail on Gorten and the jacks. They’re to the stage where I can freehand the names in runes and the model numbers. But given the lack of sleep, I’d rather wait until I’m rested instead of having the whole endeavor fubar’d and wasting a week’s work. 
Anyway, here be photos.
Look ma, no primer! Finally painted the trim.
Fired up and ready to be named and numbered.
Kitteh… now with rivets!
Quick and dirty fire effect. Needs work but passable.
Yeah. Gorten gets gray hair. And cool goggles.

Gorten will have to be finished on Day 7. I have too much to do with Trolls for this not to happen. I still need to base Wade’s Legion box. If we have an odd number for the tournament, I’ll end up playing that army since Wade will be using the frat boy pink Trolls. Should be entertaining; we’ve got 16 signed up in 6 days. I’m pretty excited about the turnout.

Sleep needs to happen. Hyde Park Street Fair tomorrow!

One Response to Day 5 pics, Day 6

  1. losthemisphere says:

    Truth be told, that goofy pose on the warpwolf is probably the primary thing stopping me from picking up the Circle as my Hordes faction. Well, that and the Gorax. Can’t stand either of ’em.

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