Day 10 pics, Day 11

Big push with Trolls was successful. Gained much ground with them Wednesday. Also started throwing paint on some of the Cryx models I have (do not ask why I have acquired the Cryxes).
In any event, here are the pics from Day 10 so I can move forward. I failed to document my Day 11 paintings. There wasn’t much.
Yup. Chickens and a Helldiver. Because they remind me of crustaceans.
Hey look, metallics. Very *blah* metallics.
But wait, there’s ink! And we don’t hate them as much.
And the ink wash works well on leathers! Yay!
The ink wash was an experiment with the P3 mixing medium, which we fully support and endorse at this point. It was 2 drops P3 brown ink, 1 drop armor wash, 2-3 drops of mixing medium. Not the same consistency as FFW; a little thicker and more viscous. Easier to control and the result was very favorable. I will try the same ink combo with FFW to determine which I like more.
The other thing I tried out was highlighting pinks with the wet palette. It works pretty well for mixing and blending; I guess I’m more comfortable painting with a wet brush than trying to blend with 2.
In other news, a Stalker has joined the Cryx. Again, I want to paint them to look like lobsters and crabs. I have no idea if I’ll actually collect enough to make an army out of.

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