In an amazing act of patience, I threw down basing materials on all of my Trolls — 11 small bases, 32 medium bases and 2 large bases. Also based the Gnarlhorn and Ol’ Rowdy (who is amazing!).

There will be a priming party and then the Trolls will be ready to be painted. I’m not completely sure where they fall into the grand scheme of things; my Cygnar and Protectorate deserve to be fully painted, but Trolls are Teh New Shiny (sic) and bright pink is appealing at the moment.
Then again, I’ve got the Cryx and Drakhun to paint as part of the next Challenge, which will start at some point.
I may make the next Challenges less rigid than the first one. I’m not sure. It was a lot of painting, and right now, it’s nice to have been able to relax the past few evenings. And I’ve started doing stuff with my Flames of War army — I’ve gone from having very few tanks to 8 that need painted. We won’t talk about the state of my first rifle company, or the fact I have a second company that needs to be glued and based. Yeah, too much pewter.
In other news, I should have the bits from PP tomorrow (I hope) or Thursday. I can make the Cygnar Bokur and get beer mugs for the Scattergunners. Yeah, I need 4 more of them to fill *that* unit and 2 more Kriel Warriors for a full unit there. The caber for my thrower seems to have gone missing; I blame cats. It is around.
Procrastinating on posting pics from Sunday’s tourney. I have been hit with a major attack of the lazys. There’s also the fact I have gotten into another fantasy series — the Pendragon Cycle — and would rather read instead of playing on the ‘puter. 
I plan on focusing on models that will earn me $$$. I think I’ll jump on the Gnarlhorn tomorrow after I prime it. I may pack it, and the Drakhun down to work tomorrow night since it’s 40k and there is a strong likelihood  I’ll be there late.
Readings and sleep call.

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