Change in plan…

So Wade has picked up Trolls and would like me to paint them. That means Challenge II will be reshaped and rethought.

I picked up the Bouncer on Thursday; the Drakhun is pissing me off. As long as I still get it done as a going away gift for Graham (who is at basic as we speak) I will be happy. It just doesn’t feel like the right model for the contest. The Bouncer has been inked and I have until Tuesday afternoon to make him look all purtee and stuff.
I still have most of Wade’s Legion to paint, but the addition of Trolls means I will have some much-needed cash coming in. It also means I need to start writing invoices so I know what I’ve charged him. He’s the best client ever; it’s cool to work on retainer.
Anyway, I thought an update was needed since I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I think the next pics will be of the Gnarlhorn and Bouncer. Maybe even Ol’ Rowdy, but I’m not sure when I’ll squeeze in painting for me.

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