Time out

Not sure what my painting schedule is going to be for the next month or so. Wade keeps giving me Trolls, I’m painting Trever’s Trolls now too and I’ve got a ton of Cygnar on my desk. And there’s the ever-present Legion I need to finish. *sigh*

More importantly, I’m still trying to get my head on straight after receiving news of my grandfather’s death. It wasn’t a shock or a surprise; he was 94 and we knew the day was coming. But I wasn’t ready for the call I got from my uncle on 16 October.
I thought I was OK and moving forward. Today felt like a normal day. Work went well, go things straightened out for the WM league and had time to check out the Press Gang forums. I eventually lost the urge to paint tonight, got online, then dinked around in iPhoto and decided to post of pic of grandpa. And after posting to Facebook, I realized that no, I’m not OK.
We’ll see. I’ve gotten too good with the painting to quit. I’m just tired of fighting to be happy right now. I don’t feel like putting forth the effort. The funeral is Friday, and I’ll have plenty of chances to try and be brave for my grandma and mom while I’m back in the Bay Area.
I have been asked to write the obituary and will post here and in the normal blogging spaces.
And yes, I do have pics to post from past projects; that may just end up being a link to a gallery.
Just forgive me if this space get even more neglected.

One Response to Time out

  1. Pressganger Quixotic says:

    Sometimes you have to step away and do something else. Take a Break and then come back and start again.

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