Day 3

OK, a quick post while I’m between coats of primer.

Late last night, I realized I need to get Graham’s Cygnar done before he gets here on leave on the 19th. So in addition to the 29 Menoth models to paint, I have 12 Cygnar minis — full Storm Guard, Lancer and Haley (the nice variant sculpt). That brings the total models to 42 for the month.

That would be true except I got a dwarf done for Lance yesterday in about 45 minutes. And, I’ve got a Warpwolf on the table as well. I am fairly confident I can get them all done; the strategy is to make sure every single model gets paint on it every single day.

The exemplars are all close to the same spot. The dipped unit of KE needs to get shoulder pads and tabards painted, and the good news is, I’ve decided on an armor color — Reaper Shadowed Steel. A little less “plain” than Pig Iron and a different hue than Cold Steel, which will be used to trim all of my knights. The relic blades will be Radiant Platinum and maybe VMC White Gold. We’ll see. Still trying to reduce the amount of gold used on my PoM models, saving it for solos, unit leaders, jacks and casters. My TFG have no gold on them and I like the look.

Anyway, pics.Graham’s Cygnar “starter.” Halberds are pinned and will be painted separate from the models. I will be able to paint the troops much faster this way. Not sure if I’ll paint Haley and the Lancer before or after troops. He wants the “purtee” paint job on Haley.

The Seneschal with the KE leader’s arm. I have 4 of these. They should not all look the same. I have had great fun playing with the macro setting on the Canon. This also means I must paint much cleaner.

My Errants leader. He helped kill Gudrun (both times) last week vs. Scott. This unit has deserved a paint job for about a year.

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