Day 3, Part II

Brush, the might Windsor & Newton Series 7. Size 3, used for everything, yes, even eyes. It sheds awfully. It’s fairly dirty, but dislikes being run through brush soap. It freakin rocks.

Sword Knights.

I forgot about the damn Sword Knights. So that brings the December model count from 42 to 52. As if that wasn’t enough, the Squire and Allegiant came out today. And AAG got the shipment of Uncharted Seas starters. 
Graham’s Cygnar has moved to the front of the line with authority. And let me take this moment to say the Brush and I are really, really fucking tired of painting Cold Steel. Love the color. Thought about going with something GW for a moment, then said no, I want Cold Steel. So I bought a cheap brush and a pot of paint and threw the shiny on two Sword Knights while waiting for 4ok to finish.
Craig Ferguson was a rerun (regrettably) so it was iTunes time and paint. Roughly 2 hours later, I have shiny dudes on my desk. Again, the Canon makes it too easy to take really nice pics, which I’ll get to in a moment. But first, about Brush.
Brush and I came together about 3 years ago now. When I first got into this whole painting thing, I wanted to do everything cheap. “I don’t need no fancy paints. I don’t need no fancy brushes.” Well, that changed in a hurry. After a few months of craft paint, I started buying Vallejo; I still use Vallejo Magic Blue for my Cygnar. It’s quite a bit brighter than the studio scheme, and I like it.
A little bit after I upgraded paints, I realized it was time to upgrade brushes. After flitting around the forums, I was introduced to Windsor & Newton Series 7. I placed an order with and have been using my size 3 brush happily ever after. I own 6 size 3 brushes. I have tried to use newer brushes, but they always misbehave. I’ve got one that forks as soon as it touches a model, so it’s extremely annoying to even ink or base coat with. I’ve got one I used because I didn’t have Brush, but I keep coming back to Brush. It’s creepy.
Brush should have been retired at least a year ago. And it really hasn’t been the same since the speed painting contest I entered 2 years ago. I don’t go out of my way to abuse Brush, it just kinda happens. Like tonight.
I timed myself for the final Storm Guard. It took me about 5 minutes to get the right parts coated in Cold Steel. I never paint that fast. Then again, I don’t usually have as many models to push through. Brush was angry, and there was always cat or dog hair getting in the way. Weather changes definitely affect the sable; splitting, errant hairs, it just happens more when the humidity goes up. But the worse I treated Brush, the better the paint went on. Anyway, to the pictures. Sue me for liking my Brush. 😛
Thankfully, I had an assembled and primed unit of Sword Knights. It’s not like I was going to paint them for me anytime soon.

About an hour later, they had Cold Steel in the right places, and in some of the wrong places. At this stage, it’s more important for me to get through base coating as fast as I can so that I have more time to spend on detailing. It makes sense in my world, and has worked in the past.
In the interest of my sanity, I *had* to paint another color. While Cold Steel is very nice, the Sword Knights looked funky with just one color all over. Since I’ve been breaking out the Citadel paints Joel gave me, I thought Polished Blue would be nice. I think a dose of my magical armor wash will work well on all of it.
And here are the 20 Who Were Painted. Leaving the halberds off the Storm Guard is full of win. There is no way I could’ve painted each mini in 5 minutes. It will make painting their suits and leather straps much easier. I can’t wait to see how they look with the armor wash concoction. I added about 30 drops of Future Floor Wax to a full pot of Citadel Amour Wash. It’s pretty similar to the P3 stuff and it was easier to add the FFW to. Keep finkers crossed.

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