Day… 13?

Stormguard are being counted in the “done” pile!

I’m not sure why I was insisting on painting mine blue; I like the knightly models with Cold Steel now that I’ve painted 2 units like that. There are plenty of folks who say it’s lazy to paint with metallics and inks and washes. But you know what? It’s 20 models done in 13 days. I am not going to complain about that in the least. And I’m fond of the way these SG look. Good thing I found a workable paint scheme since I have 20 of my own to paint … some day.

Anyway, here’s the Sarge. His weapon is large, when I first saw the model, I mocked it for looking very anime. But after using it to shoot the shit out of my opponent’s models, it can look like that. It’s big for a reason.

Didn’t have the steadiest hands today, weather has gotten colder and my right wrist is killing me. The reason I posted the pic of the Sarge is because I used the wrong armor wash on him. I grabbed the bottle of P3 armor wash and thought, “hey, I haven’t used this for awhile.” As I’m watching it coat the surface of the Nexus Generator, I thought, “It’s not working right!” Oh wait. Wrong wash. So as a result, the weapon isn’t as clean as I would have preferred. I guess you could argue it’s battle worn, but I think it’s sloppy. C’est la vie. I still have time to touch up.

* * *

In other news, the Trolls got taken for a test drive yesterday. It wasn’t the severe ass beating I took at the hands of Staggs, but it weren’t pretty, either. It comes down to needing to run EVERYONE Turn 1. eMadrak and the Krielstones were out of the fight the whole game. I needed the buffs from the Elder (proxied him with the Kilt Lifter!) and I couldn’t get him there. At least I learned something.

This was how I deployed. I need to bunch up my dudes and get them ready to run. I think I got hung up on the fact I’m using 40 medium based models…
Turn 2. Terrain aside, I needed all that stuff in the middle to be a lot closer to Scott’s army. Out of the frame to the left, my Champs and one Fell Caller were taking on an Allegiant.
These are my new favorite dice. I am a sick enough person that I have 16 of the Skully dice. After forsaking me, the shiny, glittery pink dice stayed in the bag. These rolled pretty hot for me — to the tune of 10 out of 25 tough checks. I kept count because I couldn’t make one against Staggs to save my life. I had one Troll make 3 in a row. They also did well on attack rolls but need motivation for damage rolls. Between the dice, my Press Ganger coin and the fact I was wearing a pirate shirt maybe I should play Privateers. 😛
Or I could just paint what I have and like it!

2 Responses to Day… 13?

  1. brotherscott says:

    Heh… too bad the only thing in my army that wasn’t painted was a Devout.

    You did well playing, it takes a bit to get used to a new army and way of thinking. Trolls scare the hell out of me, so I try to do as much damage as I can before I have to get up close and personal with them, and I didn’t even have a lot of ranged in my list.
    You will get better with these guys, and they will start taking shape as you get more painted. 🙂

  2. Jen says:

    If they’re going to do better once they’re painted, it means I’ll still suck at them for the next few months. 😛

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