December Challenge- update

Someday I will finally get off my butt and post pictures of some sort, but as of today I have all of my Protectorate warcasters painted. I finished and sealed the Harbinger of Menoth this morning. Yesterday I finished and sealed a full unit of Flameguard Cleansers. So what is left? Vengers, Errants, 2 Seneschals, Gravus, and a unit of Daughters of the Flame. Twenty-five models in all. To be fair, the Seneschals and Gravus have been inked and are ready to bring back up. I threw a base coat on all of the Vengers, still have some spots to go and a lot of touch ups before I ink them. Errants have the base coat of Vallejo White Gold liquid metallic down, and the foundation red, and Daughters have a basic idea of what I think I want to do with them.

Progress seems a little slow, but I am getting there.

Pictures shhould be following. Eventually.



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