Day 18

I’ve been a bad blogger and not posting things here. And I’ve been lazy about uploading photos from the camera. But when the crazy thing has a 4gb card, there is little incentive to upload. 😛

I should be panicking at the prospect of 30 models between now and the 31st, especially since there will be several days where no painting will take place. For example, I will paint in the morning — I’ve been setting my alarm for 8 — and goof off on the computer and paint some more. More often than not, I end up on the PP forums >_< (modeling & miniatures, duh) and causing/getting into trouble in the Press Ganger areas.
So, there are 12 Knights Exemplar, 2 Seneschals, 1 eKreoss, 1 Blessing of Vengeance, Rhoven & the boys and 10 Knights Errant on the desk. Along with 10 Kriel Warriors and several blisters of product dying to be assembled. It turns out I have a surprising amount of Mercenaries. Privateers, Rhulics and a little of everything else.
Sitting here and looking at my sort of base coated Mariner and Freebooter, I think the Privateers will get Trollblood base with red; Rhulics are already Caterpillar yellow; Stannis and Steelheads and other Mercs will be Trollblood with some flavor of green — whatever complements the Trollblood base.
I didn’t count numbers on the blisters. I know I have better stock than the local Hobbytown, which is OK since I got a lot of it there for 50% off. I’m not going to guess how many points are unassembled, but it’s pretty terrible. I think there are 4 or 5 casters in there, tons o jacks (thanks to the Great Cynar dip of 2007) and more troop models than I should have. I have a tiny bit of Circle, Skorne for nefarious reasons, a wee bit o’ Khador and just enough Cryx where I should research which models I really want to play. I’m going for the pinchy ones with claws, since my theme there is “Rawk Lobstah!” The Khador, and there will be Khador, shall be painted bright pink like my Trolls. I will likely acquire the Epic Butcher this weekend since he’s 50% off. Seeing Orsus in bright pink is funny in my world. And there’s an idea for a list I’ll steal, assuming the models won’t cost an arm and a leg. Who am I kidding? I really shouldn’t buy anything until I’m fully assembled.
The best part about all of this? I have rationalized it because I’m a Press Ganger now. No, I don’t know how to explain the models I bought the 3 years before I became a PG. 😛 But I have bought a decent amount in the past 2 months…
Edit: There may be a bit of confusion about my new avatar and profile pic (probably not, but humor me). For whatever reason, December makes me think of otters — mostly because there was member night at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and you could see the lil critters more easily. Back in December 2001, an otter named Roscoe died at the Aquarium. His face became one of the logos there and he’s the namesake for my cheerful dog. Plus I found cute pics, so there ya go.

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