December challenge ~ Day 29

The Knights Exemplar will be finished tonight. Come hell or high water, they will be done. Both units have received their magical armour (yeah, British spelling since it’s old Citadel stuff) and two knights have gotten their Sanguine Highlight applied. I have two Seneschals that are awaiting completed banners and bases. GE Kreoss should go fast as well.

After nearly a month, I can safely say I am tired as hell of seeing these models on my desk. It’s a shame that they’ll get painted and put into foam, but they will be painted.

I’ve been too afraid to total up the number of Cygnar models I’m getting painted for TC. I know it’s more than 30. No biggie, assuming I can hit my challenge goal. The main difference is that I’ve given myself a few extra days, which will leave a little more breathing room.

In addition to the TC Cygnar, there are some conversions I’m working on. We’ll see how they go. In all likelihood, I will post pics in this space; I’m not sure how much of it will make it to the PP boards.

I can say, with all certainty, that the Vanguard is the single most frustrating model I’ve assembled. I’ve done two Thunderheads, with a third on deck, I’ve pinned tiny-ass bows on Blighted Archers, I have fully assembled and pinned 20 Knights Errant — all with different poses! — and this one, stupid model nearly brought about its own destruction last night.

Thankfully, I set it aside and will attempt assembly after I get the December challenge stuff out of the way. But JTFC, it makes my head hurt justing thinking about it.

But it will be pretty. Dammit, it better be.


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