January 31, 2009

So if I’m going to blog from Templecon, it looks like it’ll need to be a two-pronged assault: Use the phone for pics and then go in and edit the entry with the iPod. I despise the crap that shows up on the picture messages from the phone and would rather go in and clean them up.

But, at the same time, it lets you, my handful of readers, know that I’m posting while AFK. I like the emails sent from the iPod because it tags it for you. I’ll go back and try and edit the last post with the iPod and see how much of a pain it is. 😛

From my phone

January 31, 2009

And here’s a shot of the river city warmachine sweatshirt i had made to see if pics from my phone show up ok. entries sent from phone will lack capitalization – and paragraphs!

Edit: looks like I can edit while I’m in HTML mode but not preview. Makes sense I guess. Now the trick is to learn more of the shortcuts with ye olde iPod touch…


January 31, 2009

Trying to see how this email posting thing works, just in case I have
time to blog ffrom Templecon next week.this assumes I'll have wifi
access too.

Next up: test from the cell phone.

Sent from my iPod

The big push

January 30, 2009

These are the models I need to have painted by Wednesday. 

  • Stormguard (10)
  • Stormguard (10)
  • ATGM (6)
  • ATGM (6)
  • Stormsmiths (3)
  • Piper
  • Ashlynn
  • Reinholdt
  • eEiryss
  • Ol Rowdy
  • Thunderhead Mk II
  • Vanguard
  • Sentinel
  • Sentinel
  • Bokur, aka Nikolai

If I did the math right, it’s something like 46 models. It is very realistic to get all 20 Stormguard done today. I should be able to knock out the Gun mages too. Sunday is a lost day for painting since there’s work and a Super Bowl party. But that still leaves me with enough time to get it all done. 

And since I’m painting for me, tabletop is acceptable. The models that get special attention will be the Thunderhead, Rowdy, Ashlynn, Vanguard, ATGM UA and eEiryss.
The other thing I realized — I only knew I was going to Templecon barely over a month ago. I knew it was insane to think I’d have fully painted lists, but you’ve gotta try, right?
Keep your fingers crossed.
I’ve also got a unit of Steelhead Halberdiers I’m speed painting for a client. 😉
But if I can get this done, everything else will be cake…

T-minus… oh shit.

January 26, 2009

I should be more worried about the lack of models I have painted for the Challenge — 21/69 completed with 5 (FIVE) days to go. I can do 30 troops in the next few days. Sword Knights should be finished tonight and then I’ll press on and get Stormguard finished.

Then it’s Ol’ Rowdy and Thunderhead Mk II. Plus all the solos and Ashlynn and the Vanguard.

But yeah. Ten days until Templecon and me in Rhode Island for more Warmachine than I can handle. That’s the t-minus that has me saying “oh shit” — Will I be fully painted for Templecon or not? That’s my worry. I know I’ve blown the Challenge; the Kriel Warriors aren’t getting painted, neither is Kruger. But that’s OK. I’ll come pretty close.

Anyway, I’ll survive. I think.

But here’s an update, since I’ve been slacking. Again.

I can has Press Gangery!

January 19, 2009
So I got a cool package delivered to me at the game store on Friday. It looked like this:

I was expecting my MonPoc order, but when I opened the box, this was on top:

I’ve been a Press Ganger since Oct. 16, 2008. Now I finally have my shirt so I can be all official and stuff. Oddly enough, I feel the need to paint up one of my Mariners…

Here’s a little story about the day I became a member of the Press Gang.

At 11:08 a.m. on Oct. 16, 2008, I got the email from Privateer Press saying I had been accepted as a member of their volunteer corps. I think I actually read the email around 11:16 a.m. Regardless, it made me very happy and I was excited to be a part of the group. Seriously, it’s something I had wanted to be a part of for some time.

At 12:36 p.m., I got the call from my uncle saying my grandfather had died. It was expected, but it didn’t make it hurt any less. Needless to say, I was in very low spirits that day. I was going to go to work, but that just wasn’t going to happen. My shift got covered, I ended up at the store and went home after a few hours.

The one bright spot through all of this was becoming a PG. I’m sure it’ll sound stupid to some folks, but it gave me something to look forward to. And now that I’ve been in for a few months, I’ve made some really good friends and will get a chance to meet some of them next month.

As much as I like WM/H and promoting the game and running events, I appreciate the camaraderie from the Gang and the friends I’ve made even more. It’s amazing how being a part of a group of people who are passionate can change your outlook.

Anyway, that’s my goofy little story.

Thanks for reading.

The poorly aimed Pounce

January 18, 2009

Day 17 is one to forget. I was truckin along on Kromac, and Lil Kromac took a dive and ended up in three pieces — a poorly aimed pounce, as Devilsquid put it on the forums.

So I finally had one of those doh! painting moments they were talking about on the forums. I had Kromac in hand, he slipped and landed on the chair. I didn’t try to stop him, which would have made it worse. I reached for him, he fell, bounced off my foot and onto the carpet. I didn’t think it was all that bad until I saw his torso and then noticed he was missing an arm. *sigh*

It was easy to glue the torso on and get that all lined up, but I fucked up the right arm and now have a gap I’ll need to GS. I tried to reposition the arm, but it wouldn’t budge. So I used some Zap-CA to firm up the bond (should’ve done that to begin with) and since that glue is thinner than water, it got all over the place. I set the model aside and did some very angry base coating of Gun Mage Captain Adepts. About 90 minutes later, the pair were ready for details and final highlights. We went to dinner, so I didn’t get them done. But it’ll happen tonight. Along with the completion of Kromac.

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