January Challenge ~ Day 12

A quick update since I’ve been a slacker lately.
Finished the Striders most recently. That was a tough group of models to paint after the success that Warpy II proved to be. I don’t know what it was about the Striders, I just didn’t ever want to get them painted. I’ve been working on Bruce’s Sisters of Battle and I’m painting them white (insanity, I know). I wanted them done last night, then tonight and well… maybe tomorrow?? I still have Kriel Warriors to paint. *sigh*
Played 1000 points vs. Staggs last week and got my ass kicked. Turn 3, after eStryker had murdered eCaine (who went all Matrix and shit, dodging a Centurion charge), the fate of the world rested with Ashlynn, who feated and rolled a crapton of dice. She did damage to Stryker, but not enough to kill. The reload shot from Reinholdt did jack and shit. Then it was up to the JWC… boost the attack, roll 5 dice thanks to the feat… and 1, 1, 1, 2, 2. And that was that. Her name will be Donny, after the character in “The Big Lebowski.”
The best thing out of the game? My Sentinel (now dubbed “Kieffer,” after the Nihilist played by Flea) rolled a 6 on the strafe attack. Thanks to the ATGM UA (aka “The Dude”) and ricochet, I pulled off the coveted 14-shot storm of bullets. That killed not a single Storm Blade because eEiryss failed to shoot the unit to trigger Unravel and kill the upkeep. Yeah. It sucked. Oh well. 
Here are some pics from last week. You guilted me into it.
This is Warpy II. Easily the best model I’ve painted in two months.
The Dude, aka Jeffrey. He spilled his White Russian while marshaling the Sentinel.
The hated Striders, who are less hated because they’re done.
Of course, I’ve also chosen to be derailed by some graphic design projects. I admit, I’m very proud of the results. 
Devilsquid on the forums asked me to make a banner for his new breast cancer awareness army. How could I say no?
Finally, I’ve been toying with t-shirts for ye olde Warmachine group. Playing with what I’ve done for my forum sig, I came up with this:
In our local meta, if it’s a new model, it dies first. Then we ask, “what did that do?” It’s also fitting because Boise PD has a rep for shooting first, missing a lot, then asking questions. I’m submitting the design to PP for final approval after I post this.
Anyway, that’s about it for now. I will try to be better about keeping this updated, but honestly, the best place is my painting thread on the boards, unless there’s stuff I can’t really post there.

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