The poorly aimed Pounce

Day 17 is one to forget. I was truckin along on Kromac, and Lil Kromac took a dive and ended up in three pieces — a poorly aimed pounce, as Devilsquid put it on the forums.

So I finally had one of those doh! painting moments they were talking about on the forums. I had Kromac in hand, he slipped and landed on the chair. I didn’t try to stop him, which would have made it worse. I reached for him, he fell, bounced off my foot and onto the carpet. I didn’t think it was all that bad until I saw his torso and then noticed he was missing an arm. *sigh*

It was easy to glue the torso on and get that all lined up, but I fucked up the right arm and now have a gap I’ll need to GS. I tried to reposition the arm, but it wouldn’t budge. So I used some Zap-CA to firm up the bond (should’ve done that to begin with) and since that glue is thinner than water, it got all over the place. I set the model aside and did some very angry base coating of Gun Mage Captain Adepts. About 90 minutes later, the pair were ready for details and final highlights. We went to dinner, so I didn’t get them done. But it’ll happen tonight. Along with the completion of Kromac.


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