T-minus… oh shit.

I should be more worried about the lack of models I have painted for the Challenge — 21/69 completed with 5 (FIVE) days to go. I can do 30 troops in the next few days. Sword Knights should be finished tonight and then I’ll press on and get Stormguard finished.

Then it’s Ol’ Rowdy and Thunderhead Mk II. Plus all the solos and Ashlynn and the Vanguard.

But yeah. Ten days until Templecon and me in Rhode Island for more Warmachine than I can handle. That’s the t-minus that has me saying “oh shit” — Will I be fully painted for Templecon or not? That’s my worry. I know I’ve blown the Challenge; the Kriel Warriors aren’t getting painted, neither is Kruger. But that’s OK. I’ll come pretty close.

Anyway, I’ll survive. I think.

But here’s an update, since I’ve been slacking. Again.


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