January Challenge ~ The End

I got the Stormguard done in time… you’ll have to take my word for it until I get the pics taken and posted. So, that leaves me at 53/69 or 76.8% complete. I’m not going to call it a total failure; if we were grading on a curve, I’m sure I’d be in the low B range, definitely a C and passing.

Still, 53 models in a month is A LOT. I would’ve gotten it all done if I had managed my time better, and hadn’t gotten sick. I think 40 models/month is reasonable, will focus on that for March.

I still have a shit-ton of stuff to paint by Wednesday. I’ve got Wade’s 10 Steelhead Halberdiers (grrrrrrrrr… love the abilities, hate assembling the bastards) and about 30 more models to be fully painted for TC. We’ll see what gets done. I’m close on both units of ATGMs and my 3 Stormsmiths. The jacks will take the most time; Rowdy and Thunderhead Mk II take priority, then it’s the Vanguard and 2 Sentinels.

In any event, I have to get up way to f’n early to be at work, so I’ll end here.


2 Responses to January Challenge ~ The End

  1. Kevin says:

    Mental note.
    Make sure to double check da ferret’s figs at Hardcore paint check.


  2. bobaferret says:

    Hey, I never said I was playing Hardcore. I just wanted to be fully painted for my first convention. 😉

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