February Challenge ~ Day 1

Or “How I stopped worrying and learned to hate the Halberdiers.”

Got all 10 of these suckers painted in 5.5 hour last night after the Super Bowl. I was pretty happy. It was a long time in the painting chair, but I wanted them out of the way so I can focus the models I want done for Templecon.

I kept track of my progress when I was painting the Steelheads, just because I was curious to see how much time I was spending on the various parts of the models. All times noted in 24-hour time.

2236 – Start painting Steelhead Halberdiers. The intent is to stay put until they’re painted. Starting after 10 p.m. may be a mistake.

Assembled and primed courtesy of Scott.

I should note at this point that these are the single most annoying models to assemble. If they weren’t my models, the would have been Airborne Halberdiers. I got three dudes assembled, plus the leader. Too many fiddly bits. But they painted up amazingly fast.

2317 – Finish up with Chainmail basecoat. Hooray for metallics.
2352 – Finish up with Dwarf Bronze. It’s a nice Merc color.
0018 – Finish up with Pig Iron. Successfully thwart several attempts by felines to halp me paint. Canine looks depressed. Male feline picks on canine. Female feline sleeps until male feline picks on her.

Yes, metallics paint up very, very quickly. We like this. A lot.

0030 – Finish up with Exile Blue. All Steelhead Halberdiers can sleep in comfort with a nice, scratchy blue blanky.
0102 – Finish up with Traitor Green. I haven’t used this color much, but will be using it more and more I think.
0148 – Finish up leather bits with Bloodstone. There were a lot of leather bits. Too many leather bits. That part where I said they paint fast did not apply to anything requiring leather. Ugh.
0201 – Done with Bootstrap Leather for their gloves. I was going to paint them metallic, but that didn’t make sense for gloves. They wouldn’t have gauntlets, they’d have gloves. So gloves they got.

Hey look! Basecoated except for skin.

~ break ~

I took the opportunity to download and install the most recent version of iBodger, which kicks amazing amounts of ass. And I wandered the forums and got back to painting at 0231.

0250 – Finished with magical Armour Wash.
0258 – Quick run with Citadel Thraka Green Wash over the Traitor Green bits.
0315 – Finished with faces, hair and eyes. I would say at this point that I don’t recommend painting eyes after 3 a.m. Out of 6 dudes with faces, I only had to redo 2 sets of eyes. Not bad. But still difficult to keep hand steady at that hour.

One last stat: I got through 92 songs on a 100-song genius playlist. Pretty scary.

And there they are. And there was much rejoicing.


2 Responses to February Challenge ~ Day 1

  1. Dangerfish says:

    A full unit and a blog post in 5.5 hour – Hats off, I am impressed! And they looks better than stuff I spend weeks on. Nice work!

  2. bobaferret says:

    The fact that I used a lot of metallics made this go sooooo fast. And I used one of my old GW drybrushes to throw the paint on. Didn’t have to worry about the brush holding a point, anything like that. And I’m using a hell of a lot of inks; adding the Future Floor Wax really eliminates the need to highlight in many cases.

    I’m actually looking forward to being able to spend, say, a week on a model instead of a few days. But I’ve got to crank em out while I’ve got the motivation…

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