Scott’s February Challenge

OK, so here goes. Posted on the Privateer Forums for the painting challenge, might as well post here and keep track of what I am doing.

Gravus (2)
Vengers (5)
Idrians + UA (12)
Aiyana & Holt (2)
Eiryss (2; both versions)
eEiryss (1)

and the Cygnar Commission work:

Sword Knights (10)
Trenchers + UA & SWA (13)

To my credit or dementia, most of these have been base coated, some have even been inked. The goal with the Protectorate models is to have them done by the 15th of the month so I can go fully painted into a 750 point Steamroller tournament. Kenny’s Cygnar is going to be my break in between my own models, or maybe I bust them out and try to get more done. Not likely with 47 models on the docket. I will post pictures as I get things done, and hopefully get better at updating my progress.


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