Sleep? Whuh?

So I’m still up.

I know, I’m a tard. But at 3:15 a.m. when I was finished with packing and re-foaming and the changing of the cat boxes, it seemed stupid to try and sleep. So I tried to nap on the couch. And, as every cat owner knows, “nap” is cat-speak for “I must stand on you and stomp your internal organs into goo.” Which is exactly what Cassie did. I figured, WTF, I can sleep on the plane. I’m sipping a rather horrid tasting Red Bull and will head to the airport when Scott gets here. I have room in my backpack, the majority of my army is tucked away safely in my SS Designs case (I love this thing) and then it’s go-time.
I think the thing I’m most excited about is getting to meet these folks who have become like family. Sure, it’s cliche, but we’re very well taken care of, and I can’t think of another company I’d want to volunteer for. Besides, Warmachine takes up a lot of my time. Not so much the playing, but painting, discussing, organizing… it’s a ton of fun and it will be awesome to put human beings with screen names.
At least in most cases. 😉

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