T’was the Night Before Templecon…

And I won’t be fully painted.

But that’s OK. Everything except Nikolai has some paint on it. I’d rather not rush him, since I’d like for him to make it into NQ. I will still take Thunderhead Mk II to show him off, as well as my mostly painted new Reinholdt (yellow is much brighter than the one I painted nearly 4 years ago).
So, now I’m off to re-foam, pack and tidy up the house. I’m still tired from staying up and painting last night and I’m up at 5 a.m. to get ready and head to the airport. Color me excited.
I’ll be updating here throughout the weekend as I find wi-fi access. I’ll probably send pics of anything interesting from my phone if there’s no free internet around.
“Real” photos will probably end up on my Flickr account and any video will go to youtube. I think.

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