Fwd: Hardcore Saturday

This is the start of the insanity known as hardcore. There are an overwhelming number of Cryx players, followed by Menoth and Cygnar.All in all, Warmachine is represented in much greater force than Hordes with a total of 50 players on the floor.

Kevin just gave the briefing & they’re getting ready to roll. Glad I’m not playing in this — not fully painted and not wanting to deal with the amount of ass-hattery involved. I wouldn’t mind running one if there’s enough interest.

Still going to try and get the 1k game in; things are way insane here in the ballroom.

Oh. Got to face eDoomshaper last night. Think of him as Nemo for Trolls. His feat is gross — very similar to Vlad’s in that the beasts get to move *fast*. The bonded beast gets to do power attacks like normal attacks. This will mean a list with many beasts with the ability to do two-handed throws.

I really thought my eNemo list was outclassed last night — especially after Rowdy got thrown at the Thunderhead. But it wasn’t that bad since he didn’t go far.

Will write more at some point. Been asked to take pics.

For some reason the text didn’t come over with that pic. Stupid technology.


2 Responses to Fwd: Hardcore Saturday

  1. brotherscott says:

    That looks insane…. how is the stink?? :p

    sorry to hear about eNemo, but you did get to play against one of the people that has helped create and support the game.

    I would be up for a Hardcore tournament, but I think I am closer to 750 points fully painted than anyone else at the LGS (Sean may have me beat). Would be cool to throw down right before GenCon to get anyone going there ready…

    Looks and sounds like fun!

  2. bobaferret says:

    Funk is amazingly tame but that doesn’t change the fact some of these folks are just freaks. It’s definitely been worse @ AAG before.

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