Catching up: Screw you, United Airlines…

I should’ve paid the extra $60 to fly out on Southwest. I could have checked a bag with no extra charge and they would’ve given me a snack. And, most importantly, I would not have had to endure the flight from Boise to Chicago in a tiny-ass plane.

The annoyance started with my e-ticket check-in, where they try and get you to upgrade. And I can see why, given how small the plane was. But it was something like an additional $300 to give you the amount of room Southwest does to start with. 
The annoyance grew exponentially when I was told my army bag would have to ride in the hold because it wouldn’t fit in the overhead. WTF kind of plane was I getting on? And so my mostly painted minis rode underneath, with the only noticeable casualty being Thorn’s spear. Should’ve pinned it anyway, but still. Fuckers.
We were offered only beverages for a 3-hour-plus flight. Snacks were an option for the ride from Chicago to Providence, but they wanted to charge you for it. As if it wasn’t bad enough I paid $3 for a Cliff Bar at O’Hare so I didn’t pass out from hunger. The cabin crew on both flights was less than impressive. Seriously, if you don’t like your job, find something else to do. I solved most of this by plugging into the iPod and attempting to pass out. Even with no sleep Wednesday night, I couldn’t do it. I was too amped to sleep and so I mostly rested.
Flying back to Boise was relatively OK. I was asleep before we left the ground in Providence but was greatly annoyed when we were in a holding pattern over Chicago for for about 20 minutes. Then the pilot told us we might need to be diverted? Whuh? I don’t think so. We did land at ORD as planned, though a little late. Then it was the sprint from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2, complete with fully loaded backpack and army transport. I was not amused.
I get to my connecting flight just as my group is being boarded and get herded onto another tiny-ass plane (two seats, an aisle, then two seats) that was full for the trip BOI. What the hell? Why would so many people want to go to Idaho??
It was the same drill. Beverages and then a charge for anything snackish. They wanted to charge $6 for a beer. Uh, no. It was cramped, but my seatmate was pretty nice. She had been on the flight out with me. Again, I was passed out before we left the ground.
It was nice to get back into Boise. But this has taught me that I will avoid UA like the plague. The service they give you for the money isn’t worth it, and they don’t even seem like they’re having a good time. I’m not saying they need to be all goofy and shit, but hell, don’t suck the life out of what is already a shitty experience.
I’m so glad I’m flying Southwest to the Invitational in May.

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