Templecon: Battle reports

I’ll be honest. I had too much fun to take notes on all four of my games. In the first game against DS, I was really enjoying the game, the trash talk and my opponent. So, I have no notes on that. But, I do have a few pics:
I won the roll and went first. I was pretty aggressive will my units because I wanted to dictate what the Steelheads did. Little did I know the cav would smash in Nemo’s face. 😛
Devilsquid and his custom Brocker jersey. Pretty cool stuff.
750 points: Cygnar vs. Trollbloods
For my game against Kevin, I have this:
Epic Doomshaper. Yeah, he’s going to be a lot of fun.
I won the roll and went first, which was as theme this weekend for once. All it meant was that my dude got eaten faster.
This was before the Great Bitin’ Off Headz event of 2009. The Earthborn over there was bonded to eDoomy and proceed to heal from killing SGs and then threw the bodies at Rowdy. Much hilarity.
Yup, they’re still standing…
Kevin’s list:
  • Epic Doomshaper
  • Mauler
  • Mauler
  • Earthborn (bonded)
  • Earthborn 
  • Kriel stone bearer [6]
  • Gatormen [5]
  • Feralgeist
  • Swamp Gobbers
My list:
  • Epic Nemo
  • Squire
  • Thorn
  • Ol Rowdy 
  • Thunderhead
  • GMCA
  • JWC
  • Ogrun Bokur
  • Reinholdt
  • Rupert
  • Stormsmith x3
  • Stormguard [10]
Key points in this game: A Dire Troll Mauler charging Nemo from 20″ away, Stormguard being thrown at Ol Rowdy, eNemo surviving having a Mauler thrown at his head, eNemo popping his feat and killing a Mauler twice, only to be eaten by Gatormen… It was great fun, I wish I could remember more of the particulars. Yeah, I suck. 😛
1000 points: Cygnar vs Steelheads
The epic battle takes place!
There were a lot of damn models on both sides of the board. And I’ve actually got a partial battle report for this one. I’m going from memory and what I can make out from the pic for DS’ list.
Devilsquid’s list:
  • Ashlynn
  • – Vanguard
  • Bart
  • – Nomad
  • – Nomad
  • eEiryss
  • Rupert
  • Stannis (duh)
  • Steelhead Halberdiers [10]
  • Steelhead Halberdiers [10]
  • Steelhead Halberdiers [10]
  • Steelhead Halberdiers [10]
  • Steelhead Cav [3]
  • Steelhead Cav [3]
My list:
  • Ashlynn
  • – Vanguard
  • eCaine
  • – Squire
  • eEiryss
  • GMCA
  • GMCA
  • JWC
  • JWC
  • – Hammersmith
  • Ogrun Bokur
  • Ogrun Bokur
  • Reinholdt
  • Rupert
  • ATGM
  • – Officer
  • — Sentinel
  • ATGM
  • – Officer
  • — Sentinel

I won the roll and went first.

BF Turn 1:
Run just about everyone
Arcane shield on eCaine
True Shot
Dirge of Mists on ATGM 2
Quicken on ATGM 2
Feint on Vanguard
Arcane Shield on Ashlynn
DS Turn 1:
Steelies 1 run
Nomad 1 runs
Nomad 2 runs
Vanguard adv
Cav 1 runs
Steelies 2 run into forest
Steelies 3 run
Steelies 4 run
Cav 2 runs
Stannis runs
Piper plays Heroic call on unit of Steelies
BF Turn 2:
10 Steelies in various units die; blondie makes 5 tough rolls. *sigh*
DS Turn 2:
ATGM 1 Lt dead
Dude dead
Junior w/Hammersmith takes a shot in the face from Stannis
GMCA dies from Vanguard gun shield, of all things…
eEiryss dies
GMCA dies
ATGM 2 dies
Ashlynn feat
Bart feat
No, this is not looking good at this point…
BF Turn 3:
Drop True Shot
Ashlynn feat
eCaine feat
eCaine fails assassination run on Ashlynn
ATGM 1 still engaged by Steelies, stay put and are KD and murdered
DS Turn 3:
Dude 2 is killed while holding control point
Cav makes a run at control point for the win
I think there was stuff that happened on the other part of the board, but I don’t remember — I was too pissed off at dropping True Shot, which would have allowed me to get shots in on Ashlynn, who had Quicken up. Nothing like missing 9 times to bolster that self-esteem.
Still, it was a fun game and I’m looking forward to a rematch. 🙂 I had the right list to face the Steelies, just didn’t play it well. Then again, I didn’t play test it either. But hey, it was Devilsquid’s first 1000-pointer, and I don’t mind the loss at all.
500 points: Cygnar vs. Searforge
Or, hey, my army is fully painted!
Biggie’s list:
  • Madhammer
  • – Blaster
  • High Shield Gun Corps [6]
  • Forgeguard [7]
  • Thor
  • – Gunner
  • Gudrun the Wanderer
  • – Ogrun Bokur
  • Brun & Lug
My list:
  • Nemo
  • – Squire
  • – Thorn
  • GMCA
  • JWC
  • Stormguard [7]
  • Stormguard [7]
  • Sword Knights [8]
  • – UA
I won the roll and went first.
BF Turn 1:
GMCA adv, shoots Bokur with Blaze round for 6 points of dmg
Run Thorn toward hill with High Shields
Arc boosted Chain Lightning onto HS, kill 5. They pass cmd ck.
Yo-yo Thorn out of harm’s way.
B Turn 1:
Forgeguard adv
Thor attempts drive on Gunner, fails
Madhammer puts Bump & Grind on Blaster
BF Turn 2:
SG unit F (left flank) move
Thorn runs
Nemo arcs CL on Forgeguard, kills one
Nemo arcs CL on Forgeguard, kills one more
Thorn yo-yo
SKs charge Forgeguard, Blaster
GMCA does 6 points of dmg to Brun
SG unit Y (right flank) advances to screen Nemo
B Turn 2:
FG kill 3 SKs
Thor succeeds with Tune-up drive
Blaster misses SK Maj. with a an 11
Brun adv, shoots GMCA and misses
Lug adv
Durgen pops feat, hits SKs with Blast Back
Spray Bunny shoots SKs — miss, miss, hit, miss
BF Turn 3:
GMCA stands still, shoots & kills Brun
Thorn runs into melee with Blaster
SK charge, Major wrecks jack on two hits, thanks to Flank and Dismantle
SKs kill no Forgeguard
Junior misses shot on Gudrun
SG unit Y charges Gudrun, can’t hit on the charge
SG unit F runs to screen Nemo
B Turn 3
Lug frenzies
– 4 points to Thorn
– 2nd claw misses, Thorn disengages (I love that!)
Madhammer adv
– Ground Zero
– Concussion on Nemo
– Scree on SG unit F
– Shell Shock on Thorn
Nemo gets a crapton of energy tokens
BF Turn 4:
Thorn adv to engage Lug
SK attack Madhammer, left with 4 health
SG F adv
SG Y attack Gudrun
Nemo up to ARM 27 between focus and AS
B Turn 4:
Frenzied Lug destroys Thorn
Gudrun kills another SG
Forgeguard adv, enage SG F
HS shoot SG
Durgen Primes Forgeguard
BF Turn 5:
SG attack Primed FG, killing half with melee, half with electro-leap
GMCA shoots Durgen with Blaze round, 2 health left
Nemo steps up, casts boosted Ball Lighting on Durgen, does 11 dmg for the win
I really think I’m most comfortable playing either version of Nemo. I can’t help it, I like the old man. But I’m going to take a real close look at Durgen. I like what Biggie did with him and I think he’d be fun to try out.
OK, that’s enough writing for one night!

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