Templecon: The recap

Biggie and me on the last day of Templecon.
So Templecon was my first gaming convention. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was only going to really “know” one person there, and that was through a few phone calls, some texts and PMs on the forums.
I had nothing to worry about.
The cool thing about the Press Gang is that we really are like a family. It was nice to be able to put faces to names and talk to these folks in person. Prior to TC, several of us linked up through Facebook, so I had a head start on knowing what folks like CptCaine and Z looked like. Some people had pic of themselves in their profiles, so that was easy too. And at 6-foot-6, there was no missing Devilsquid. No, the Steelhead Halberdiers didn’t make the trip to the airport. 😛
Thursday night, I met the roomies — Tamwulf, Rawtooth and DS. Rawtooth, DS and I grabbed dinner at this Mongolian BBQ place called Fire & Ice a little bit from the hotel. Great food, a freezing walk, but a great time. I don’t remember much else since the last sleep I had gotten was Tuesday night. I think we finally crashed out around 2 and were up again at 5 to set up the ballroom.
Stubbs made terrain pieces for all of us. Devilsquid’s had a squid in the pond! Very cool stuff.
Set up went pretty quick. The terrain boards were great and the terrain pieces made for a great gaming experience. Then it was off to the PG breakfast. We had a great time meeting and greeting. Then it was time to register for the con and do my volunteer shift.
I think Friday was when DS and I played our 500-point game, the one where Nemo tried to stop a cav charge with his face. I also got in my 750 with Kevin and will try to recall enough details to fake a battle report.
Saturday, my volunteer shift was 8 a.m. to noon, and I ended up helping out with Hardcore registration and sorting sheets for Kevin. It was a neat event to watch, but not something I think I’ll do anytime soon. DS and I played the dreaded 1000-point game, which I lost on scenario (must upkeep True Shot, dammit!!). But it was a great time. I think we grabbed bar food for dinner, but I’m not sure.
Sunday was an easy day. No volunteer shifts until tear down, I think I slept until 7 or 8. 12 hours of sleep over 3 days, not bad, right? Spent most of the time watching games and hanging out with the crew. I ended up playing Biggie, which was great fun. And I won! What are the odds?

Kevin, CptCaine, GodimusPryme, Rawtooth, Devilsquid, me, Biggie.
After the con was over, a bunch of us went out for dinner and had a great time. Long live the Suffering Bastard! Damn, that was a good drink.
Monday was a catch-up on sleep day. Killed some time, then went to the airport. And that was that. 
In addition to a ton of T-shirts — Midnight Madness, Support Devilsquid for a Steelhead Warcaster, a Biggie rules shirt and a PG shirt from DS — I ended up with a few birthday gifts from DS:
Now I’m a real Cygnar player! Yay!
Pink dice and a bag that will be used for my Troll dice.
I have never had as much fun playing Warmachine as I did Templecon weekend. Sure, I didn’t get many games in, but honestly, I was there for the people. The trash talk from the forums carried over into the games with DS, which was entertaining, and against Kevin, I don’t know if there could have been more shit thrown in that game — mostly my SGs getting their heads bitten off and thrown into other SGs in the unit! Against Biggie, it was a close-fought battle and a ton of fun.
I will be going back to Templecon in 2010. Hell, we’re already talking about keeping the same rooming arrangements! It was a great time and I’ll go as often as finances allow. Even if I can’t make it every year, I’ve made some lasting friendships, which is worth more to me than winning games. 

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