Warmachine Mk II

So today, it was announced my beloved Warmachine will be getting an overhaul in 2010.

Hell, here’s the press release from the web site:



Seattle WA. February 9, 2009—Privateer Press, Inc. is proud to announce the new Mk II edition rules for its WARMACHINE and HORDES tabletop games.

“In the past six years of WARMACHINE, the game has grown rapidly, and we feel the time has come to reevaluate and retool in preparation for the upcoming years of full metal combat. We have chosen to tighten the bolts on both the general game rules and the individual model rules to make every model as compelling as possible and to perfect the WARMACHINE experience,” stated Jason Soles, Privateer Press lead developer.

The public will get their first look at the WARMACHINE Mk II rules in April through an open field test, allowing players to become familiar with the changes while providing feedback that will assist Privateer Press in making final adjustments to WARMACHINE Mk II before going to press.

The WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II rulebook will be released to the public in early 2010. The new edition of HORDES will follow later in the year. All tournaments, leagues, and release events that make up Privateer Press organized play will adopt the new edition on its release.

More information regarding the WARMACHINE Mk II rules will be announced as it becomes available. This and other news items can be found at www.privateerpress.com and in the pages of No Quarter Magazine.

This is some pretty exciting stuff. I can’t wait until April, and I’m really hoping that the Press Gang will get an early look at this before the trial.

I haven’t really had problems with the game as-is, but I know this will make it easier to handle rules and will hopefully reduce the amount of rules loop-hole douchebaggery and meta gaming. I hope.

But yeah. I like it. A lot.


3 Responses to Warmachine Mk II

  1. Nuriochi_sol says:

    Me too! I’m glad there seem to be more “hoorays” then doom and gloom around this announcement, at least from peoples in my neck of the woods.

  2. bobaferret says:

    My gamers are all excited about it. I was super stoked when I read it this morning. And I gleefully purchased ANOTHER Stormclad! 😛

  3. Nuriochi_sol says:

    I saw the Stormclad thread on the Cygnar disc board. It made me really want to play mine again. I’ve seen some brutal stuff lately from a friend running one with Siege.

    Here’s hoping they nudge his points down into a little more reasonable range in MkII.

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