OMFG – A win!

I played my first game with Trolls in well over a month. And I won! Holy crap! A win!

I took Doomshaper, Mauler, Champions, Hero x2, Fell Caller, Impaler, Stone Scribe Chronicler against Tony and his Cryx. Never faced Mortenebra before, but new she could do scary stuff.
I managed to wreck the Deathjack with the Mauler and Champs on Turn 2. Turn 3, they destroyed the Harrower. Turn 4, Champ D made 2 tough rolls to save me from a scenario loss. And in Turn 4, Champs C and D killed Morte.
Wasn’t expecting the win, I never do when I run my Trolls. I’ve got a game with Dangerfish set for Sunday… we’ll see how that goes.
That bad thing? I really, really want to paint Trolls now! *sigh* So much to do for the February Challenge. 😦

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