Another list

So it was the Champions that got me into Trolls.

Here’s another possibility for Sunday’s game:
  • Chief Madrak Ironhide
  • Dire Troll Mauler
  • Fell Caller
  • Feralgeist
  • Gatormen [5]
  • KSB [6]
  • – Stone Scribe Elder
  • Champions
  • Champions
  • Trollkin Hero
  • Long Riders [3]
Long Riders because they’re new and assembled, Gatormen because Kevin’s ate Nemo. Extremely light on beasts, which is the major shortcoming of this list, but if I get the troops up in there fast enough, it may not matter.
Actually, I’m lacking the card for the cav, so they’re right out. Hmmm….
Will bring Menoth too. That Amon list makes me giggle.

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