Revenge of Dangerfish II: Lightning Crashes

Well, I switched out ‘locks at the last second — I ran Doomshaper instead of Madrak.
Key points from today:
  1. Two units of Champs rock
  2. I need to run two Fell Callers
  3. I need to run two Heroes
  4. I need to learn how to play with Stormblades and the Stormclad
  5. Dice that betray you early need to be dealt with early
  6. Champs need a delivery system
  7. Ranged attacks are you friend
  8. Consider taking Swamp Gobbers
  9. Gatormen are like a 3rd unit of Champs
  10. Never, ever rely on tough
OK, the thing about tough is a no-brainer. I got maybe one roll when I needed it. In any event, Dangerfish played a good game, and it was apparent I was in need of range and a better way to protect Doomshaper. I think the list works would have worked better with Madrak and Cav. But we’ll see.
In any event, here are the gory details from today’s fight. Things are mostly in order, since I took notes, but I was busy getting my ass kicked and might have missed something. Mike also took pics, and here’s his report.
My list:
Gatormen [4]
Kriel Stone Bearer [6]
> SS Elder
SS Chronicler
Fell Caller
Mike’s list:
> Squire
> Lancer
> Centurion
> Stormclad
> UA
Sword Knights
> UA
Black 13th
Yup, everything’s all even now.
Mike won the roll and went first.
Mike Turn 1
Focus from Squire
Stormclad moves
Stormblades move
Lancer moves
Centurion moves
Sword Knights move
Black 13th run
Jr moves, Arcane Shield on SKs
Stryker moves, snipes SBs for 7. This was the bane of my existence, and led to my undoing…
OK, this still doesn’t look so bad.
Jen Turn 1
Mauler 1 runs
Mauler 2 runs
Doomie casts Fortune on Champs 1 (primer gray)
Gators move and make a swamp
Everyone else moves
We didn’t all run, but we advanced. Running might’ve been better.
M Turn 2
Upkeep Arcane Shield
Upkeep Snipe
focus on Centurion
SB activate: Controlled fire on Mauler 1, hits. Max dmg on roll, 16 points to the 2; body out
– arcs to Champ A for 6 points
– arcs to Champ B for 5 points
Stormclad adv
B13 adv: Return fire order; time to kill some Gators
– Lynch hits, no dmg
– Watts blaze rd on Gator C for 5 dmg
– Ryan LS Gator B
— no dmg
— 6 dmg to C; mage storm — B&C dead, 3 to Bokor, 6 points to A
[We realized that the chain attack can’t include an arcane effect a few turns later. No biggie.]
Centurion runs
SK adv
Stryker adv
– arcs Earthquake, Mauler 2 falls down
Yeah, not a good start for the Bright Pinks.
J Turn 2
Gators run at B13
Mauler 2 stands up, puts Rage on Hero
Hero runs
Champs 1 run
Mauler 1 heals for 1, adv
Champs 2 run
KSB adv, Protective Aura
Fell Caller War Cry
Chronicler reads Ch. 1
OK, things are engaged now. Good, right? Not really.
M Turn 3
Upkeep all
B13 activates
– Watts kills Gator A
– Lynch Blaze on Bokor for 1 dmg
– Ryan hits Bokor, no dmg; hits Bokor for 11 points.
Gumbo and boots for all.
Lancer adv, attacks Champ D (yes, that Champ D!) and misses
Cent charges Mauler 2; 11 dmg to the 3
SK charge, engage Hero
– Retaliatory strike kills one SK
– Champ D engaged
– Mauler 2 surrounded by SKs
– Hero dies, not tough
– Champ D takes 3 dmg; 2nd attack misses
– Champ C attacked, not tough
Stormclad charges Champ B
– 7 dmg on charge; 2 dmg from buckler
Stormblades CRA on Mauler 1 for 7 dmg
Jr adv, shoots Champ B and misses
Styker adv, Arcane Shield on SB, pops feat [*sigh*]
Wow. Look at the B13 over there, unscathed.
J Turn 3
Mauler 2 regen for 2
Attacks SK officer; misses 3x
Mauler 1 2-handed throw on Stormclad; throws but no dmg
Chronicler reads Charge of the Trolls on Champs 2
Champs 2 charge SK, kill 2
KSB do Strength aura
Fell Caller does War Cry
Doomie pops feat
– Casts Dissolution; all cmd checks passed
Futility. We can haz it.
M Turn 4
B13 moves
– Watts Blaze Rd Chronicler; tough
– Lynch Blaze Chronicler; not tough
– Ryan shoots Champ2 D, 6 pts of dmg, not tough
Centurion attacks Mauler 2 for 7 dmg; 2nd attack misses
SK shuffle; Maj. adv.; attack Mauler 2
– 3 pts, 4 pts 1 pt
– vs. Champs 2: miss, miss, hit, miss
SB CRA on Mauler 1, dead
Stormclad adv
Jr casts Arcane Shield, takes d3 dmg for each focus spent; takes 5 points and dies! Sucka!
Stryker Arcane Shield, out of Doomy feat range.
Hmm. I have fewer models now.
J Turn 4
War Cry on Champs 2
Champs 2 kill 3 SKs
Champs 1 in on Stormclad
KSB does protective aura
Not a lot of action. Not for me, at least.
M Turn 5
Focus from Squire
Stryker snipes SB for 7
SB CRA on Doomie, 14 dmg
B13 adv
– Watts on Scribe – not tough
– Lynch LS on Doomie, 1 dmg
– Ryan misses 2x on Doomie!
Centurion whaps Champs2 B, not tough
SKs on Champs1 C: no dmg, 1 pt; miss, hit no dmg; hit no dmg, hit 1 pt
Lancer on Champs1 D: hit, 1 pt. Shield misses on snake eyes
Stormclad: back arc on A, 4 dmg; buckler misses
Trust me. It ends badly for the Trolls.
J Turn 5
Fell Caller Juan Cinco charges B13 and kills that dirty Ryan wench
Champs 2 kill 3 SKs
Champs1 D kills Lancer! Yesss!
KSB charge Stormblades [yeah, I know, OK? :P]: miss, miss, dead
Doomie charge [OK, OK] SB Lt.: 12 dmg, night night.
Does Hoarluk Doomshaper look like a bitch? Well, now that you mention it…
M Turn 6
Stormclad attacks KSB, not tough
– attacks Champs: Buckler on Kithkar, nope. Pow 19 sword on Kithkar, tough!
Stryker arcane blast on Doomie, hits, enough to kill… TOUGH!
SBs to the face on Doomie… not tough
It was a fun, brutal game. I think Madrak would’ve been better, but I do like Doomie. If only I had remembered ALL of his abilities. *sigh* Next time… the Champs will have their revenge.
But you know what? Juan Cinco and Champ D lived! Hah!
* * *
In other news, I took the Amon list against Jeromy in a league game. It was close, but I failed two assassinations and lost — Allegiants had a chance to end Zaal. Allegiant 1 (Bruce) did his thing and did it well — he murdered a Cyclops Shaman and when the call came, he booted Zaal in the face. Allegiant 2 (the nameless) couldn’t hit shit for two tries and didn’t do a lot the time he did hit. They both died.
Amon tried to Sandblast Zaal through Blessing of Vengeance and missed the first time! Hit the second, got the critical slam for 2″ — 3″ would’ve given me an extra die on damage. As it was, jack and shit for dmg.
Ancestral Guardian finished off Amon, who was not tough.
Will retool list with more Castigators, Knights Exemplar and Seneschal. Yeah. Four Castigators, bitches!
Tired nao. Much painting to do this week…

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