Breast Cancer Awareness Army ~ American Idol style

OK, now that the forums are up, go vote for Devilsquid’s next breast cancer awareness army now.
And the bit of info I was holding off on yesterday: Some of you may or may not know that I’m working on a Khador army for breast cancer awareness. Yes, I’m still painting the pink Trolls, but they’re a lot of things to me — fun models and an army I’d really like to get good with. The new models they have in Metamorphosis are pretty f’n sweet.
Orsus might be crazy, but he hates blight.

The Khador is an army I’m not really attached to. I think they’ll be fun to paint and play, but Cygnar is my first faction. So, after some thought and exchange of ideas with Devilsquid, I will paint 750 points of Khador, play them in the Breast Cancer Brawl tourney I’ll be running in October and then auction them off with 100% of the proceeds going toward breast cancer research or mammograms for low-income women. Who knows. I may even take them to fight at another tournament.
Thankfully, I haven’t lost anyone to breast cancer. I know plenty of women who have had it — my mom is a survivor. And that puts me in the high-risk category, so yes, there is a little bit of self interest here. But really, it’s one of those things where there’s a high survival rate if it’s caught early enough.
In any event, go vote in that thread on the forums. It’ll be fun to see which army prevails. I’m donating a painted heavy to whichever army wins.

One Response to Breast Cancer Awareness Army ~ American Idol style

  1. bobaferret says:

    OK, so the forums are dead, looks like the server screwed the pooch after all. Whenever the next thread is up, assuming they lost everything again, I’ll post a new link.

    And if anyone is interested in donating anything for Devilsquid’s army or mine, let me know.

    Or better yet, save your money and buy the armies at auction later this year! 😉

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