March Challenge

Yup, February was filled with epic fail. I busted ass to get stuff done for Templecon and got home and never recovered. Plus, I’ve been sick since coming back from Providence. I easily lost a week of painting time from that.

But, it’s in the past. Here’s what we’re looking at for March:
My models:
  • eMadrak
  • Doomshaper
  • eDoomshaper
  • Borka + keg carrier
  • Grissel
  • Grim Angus
  • Troll Hero
  • Kilt Lifter
  • Fell Caller ~ Juan Cinco
  • Brun & Lug
  • Dahlia & Skarrath (LGS painting contest)

Total: 14

  • Steelhead Cavalry [5]
  • Stannis Brocker
  • eMagnus
  • Ayana & Holt conversion
  • Nightmare (basecoated WIP)
  • Kruger
  • Vayl
  • Saeryn
  • Rorsch & Brine
  • Thorn
  • Exorcist Tank
Total: 17
Total models for March: 31
That averages out to a model a day. Notice anything about the list? Only one trooper unit! I do still need to finish the Kriel Warriors, but they’ll be “off the books” as it were.
So we’ll see. I’m much more excited about this month than last, though Templecon was a blast. I’m essentially clearing the decks of commissions because I’ve a shit-ton of Trolls to paint for the Invitational — it’s why I’m getting my ‘locks all painted. Then it’s beasts, units and solos, hopefully done before the Meta releases are in hand. With any luck, I’ll have eDoomie in the next week or so. 😉 (Pretty please, with sugar on top, Biggie?)

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