iBodger Army: Madrak Beaters

Army Name: Madrak Beaters
745/750 points, 24 VP, 26 models

Chief Madrak Ironhide 64 points, 5 VP

Dire Troll Mauler 111 points, 3 VP
Troll Axer 72 points, 2 VP
Troll Impaler 75 points, 2 VP
2x Fell Caller 35 points, 1 VP each
8 Pyg Bushwackers 84 points, 2 VP
Stone Scribe Chronicler 19 points, 1 VP
Trollkin Champions 106 points, 3 VP
Trollkin Champions 106 points, 3 VP
Trollkin Hero 38 points, 1 VP

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2 Responses to iBodger Army: Madrak Beaters

  1. Josh says:

    Just a thought here…Why not use Borka or Grissel in that list? Borka’s mosh pit, with that many champs would be absolutely terrible for your opponent. If he wanted to actually beat on your champs Borka would provide slightly better cover then Madrak me thinks.

    That and Liquid Courage with 10 champs makes people cry.

    Grissel would work well too, slightly better fury control, and your Hoof It! would allow all that hurt to reach the target quicker. Not to mention: Run + Hoof it + (turn 2) Charge = almost guaranteed Charge of the trolls success. Meaning 4d6 charges with champs….

    Just spit balling. Beasts looks solid though.

  2. bobaferret says:

    Because it was a variation of the 500-point Madrak list I’m testing, and I like Madrak. Besides, Haley took Rathrok to the face and died.

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