Beefy Exemplar goodness!

That’s a Bastion next to a TFG. Beefy Exemplar goodness!
Well, a nice little surprise on the Privateer Press web site this morning. This is what they had to say:

June heralds the first of Privateer Press’s new plastic miniature kits, the Exemplar Bastions. Our new plastic models maintain the excellent detail and quality you’ve come to expect from Privateer Press. These models were designed with the hobbyist in mind, and the high-quality plastic makes assembly and conversion work easier than ever before. Best of all, each Exemplar Bastion kit contains a full five-man unit.

The Exemplar Bastion Unit comes in a box (PIP 32058, MSRP $44.99).

For more information on everything these fantastic new kits hold in store be sure to check out No Quarter Magazine #24 this June, and get ready to lay down the rule of the Lawbringer!

So we have to wait until June. That makes me Sad Panda, but holy shit, do those models look good!

They’re worth the wait. I’ll be getting at least one box… at $45 a pop, I can afford two. But I don’t know how many 1000-point games I’ll get in with Protectorate.

Some of you may remember a post made by Matt Wilson back in November. I would challenge any of those naysayers to dare say these models look shit. I mean really, if I didn’t know they were plastic, there’s no way to tell!
So seriously, naysayers, you’ve seen what they can do with plastics. STFU or go play Bella Sara.
A tip of the hat to Matt and the crew at Privateer Press. I have yet to be disappointed with any product at this point, something I can’t even say about Apple, my most favoritest company in the world (hockey puck mouse, anyone?).
Keep kicking ass and taking names; 2009 is truly epic for those of us who love Warmachine and Hordes. Thank you.

4 Responses to Beefy Exemplar goodness!

  1. Itchy says:

    I am willing to go on record and say that is one of the best looking models I have seen in any table top game. That model would be worth collecting and painting, even if you never fielded it!

    For those that disagree with my opinion, I know karate. Consider yourself warned. 🙂

  2. Onii says:

    “I mean really, if I didn’t know they were plastic, there’s no way to tell!”

    That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw ’em on the Front Page.

    Privateer = win. I think they proved to the world that they can do some damn good plastics.

  3. bobaferret says:

    I’m buying two boxes. At $45/box, why not? And they look f’n awesome!!

  4. Josh says:

    I just looked up their stats…..Protectorate Champs!!

    Few less damage boxes, and no tough, but they get some huge ability to damage, and reach…Those guys are great especially for the low low price of 45 for 5…

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