Cygnus of Awareness Army 1 or Army 2

Well I need help working on lists for the Breast Cancer Brawl. I only want to work one Army list so I need to work it out which way to go. I only want alterations to the list if you think I have a gaping hole in the workings of the list. Yes the lists are supposed to be unfriendly and meant to win, I want to truly kick ass and have a pink army win the brawl, the Championship round needs to be two pink armies going at each other, and currently I know of only two so Jen, we need to whip some ass.

List 1
742pts 26VPS

Coleman Stryker
Ol’ Rowdy
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
plus the Dude UA
marshaling Sentinel
Black 13th(I said I wanted a competetive list)
Sword Knights 8 strong
plus UA
Rupert Carvolo

List 2
Captain Allistair Caine
Ol’ Rowdy (he is one I am not sure about having, want thoughts on him with eCaine)
Hunter assigned
Arcane tempest gun mages
with the Dude UA
marshalling Sentinel
Black 13th
Eiryss, regular, was thinking of the focus campers, if everyone agrees she should be here that means i have to buy and paint her too

Please let me know, any and all peeps which one would be better off, so I can train with it specifically. Just thought about it, I need to find a pink shirt for the tourney, maybe from RvB the dude its lightish red shirt?


One Response to Cygnus of Awareness Army 1 or Army 2

  1. brotherscott says:


    After watching Staggs throw down in a few games, you may want to drop Ol’ Rowdy and add Thorn. If you get a chance, talk with him about it, but there seem to be some decent combinations and giving both versions of Caine an arc node that is as effective will probably benefit the army more that the big bruiser Stryker prefers.

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