March Challenge ~ Skarath WIP

So here’s what I’ve been working on. 
The theme for the LGS painting contest is “It’s not easy being green.” And I wanted to paint a big, green snake. So here it is. I’ve been working on it for about a week now, off and on. Mostly off. 😛
Basecoat with Necrotite Green, Sulfuric Yellow and Iosan Green.
We attempted to shade the snake with a little Iosan Green and a lot of Mixing Medium. We weren’t sure we liked this, so the snake sat. (We, as in the snake and I).
Well, it sat and seasoned, and the shade wash just didn’t give me enough to work with to layer. So the parts with Iosan got shaded with Gnarls Green and the Necrotite got hit with Iosan. The only part that worked with the wash was the Sulfuric Yellow bit.
I’ve got a definite look in mind for this snake — it won’t even be close to the studio art. After I get it finished, I’ll post the pic I’m using for inspiration. I hope I can get it close. More importantly, I hope the blending comes out the way I want it to. Lots of layers, very wet brush small strokes. Must be patient with this one, as the final product will be posted at in addition to the Privateer forums. 
It should be fun. This kind of painting is pretty relaxing. Nevermind the 30 other models I need to get finished… who’s bright idea was it to add Bushwhackers to the Challenge??

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