The Sub-partisans

This is a great f’n idea and a refreshing way to look at Warmachine and Hordes.

From Not Dice’s post:

This all kind of started last year when I decided to switch from running an ultra-competitive eLylyth blitz to surprise people at GenCon Hardcore last year to this WTF Ashlynn list that actually turned out to be really boss. I got a lot of shocked looks at the convention when they heard I took Ashlynn to Hardcore. Some people thought I was flat out nuts. Well, I kinda am.

Then someone at the tournament tells me that the format handicaps Trollbloods and that they can’t be competitive in HardCore. All that does is just get me to play them. Partially to disprove that kind of garbage, and partly because it’s an underdog. Let’s face it. We all love underdogs. As I got deeper into the faction, I heard more rumblings from within. Trollbloods need Champs. Kriel Warriors suck. So what does that kind of guff drive me to do? Build lists with Kriel Warriors and no Champs, of course.

At some point I saw my idea catching. A couple of last year’s more successful Hardcore players are picking up Trollbloods, one of them just to have a run with the “sucky” faction. One of my locals started building a Xerxis Hardcore list. I see it popping up here and there. People making lists for fun! Not for badass-ness, not for brokenness, not out of any sense of competitive drive. Just because it sounds like a hoot.

I’m in. I’ve been a part of this group pretty much from the time I started playing Warmachine — I simply couldn’t understand why people said certain models sucked, especially if they never play with them. It’s never made sense to me. The Sub-Partisans… yeah, that makes all the sense in the world.

Between this, Mk II and the various painting projects I’m involved in, this is one hell of a time to play Warmachine and Hordes. I like it. A lot.

4 Responses to The Sub-partisans

  1. Nuriochi_sol says:

    I’m there with ya. I love stuff people tend to deride. Morvahna’s my favorite warlock, hands down. And I do well with her. I love Farrow Brigands, though they don’t perform. And my Trolls tend to leave at least the Krielstone at home, opening up some amazing potential.

    My point is even if the stuff supposedly “sucks”, it works well if you use it for its intended role. I can’t wait to try out the Rockram, another derided model. I think Bellringer will bring some cool board control.

  2. bobaferret says:

    Ugh. Bellringer is gross. And if you have Thor running the Rockram and he gets the drives off… that thing wrecks heavies in no-time flat.

    I love Amon and both versions of Nemo — I ran 2 Nemo lists at Templecon and used the old man for my win against Biggie. eNemo came close against Kevin.

    I like underdogs. And I’m with you, if someone says, “Why would you play that, it sucks?” that moves it to the top of my list in a hurry.

  3. superczhunk says:

    I hear ya.

    I love playing with the sub par models in any game. I’ve played Ashlynn since she came out and usually only have problems with Khador. I’m drawn to the “crappy” characters because there’s always a way to make a model usable. Granted they’re even close, competitively to other characters, but they’re fun none the less.

    The next challenge is using Mohsar for Circle. 🙂

  4. brotherscott says:

    I really don’t think Moshar is sub-par. He has a lot of possibilities and potential, and with some of the tactics and Theorymachine I have seen, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Besides, Moshar is the biggest reason I am building and playing a Circle army now, besides wanting a Baldur construct army.

    I am drawn to the more challenging models to play, and I am not much for “easy buttons”, so I like the challenge of taking Mercenaries or maligned faction models and using them. The beauty is that a lot of the new players have not seen the models, so they are unsure how to deal with them on the table.

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