Epic Thagrosh!

So my Press Ganger order arrived today, and it marks the first time I’ve gotten a model before street date! I’m going to be playing a very small Legion force centered around Warmongers and War Spears, so it’s only fitting that it’s led by the Messiah of Everblight himself, Thagrosh. My dream of purple Legion will come true. Eventually.

Anyway, I know I was curious how the model would go together, and since most folks won’t see it for another week, here’s what Thaggy looked like during assembly. (Yes, I was sober when I assembled him. But man, it was a nice buzz. Copper Camels are tasty!)


I have no idea when I’m going to get him painted. He’s not even on the radar at this point. I’ve got to push through Trolls until May, then it’s back to commissions and painting Khador for BCB. On top of that, I’ve got another blog related to painting that I’ll be unveiling. Strangely, I think I might have found my calling as a gamer…


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