Citadel Wash: Gryphonne Sepia

There have been a number of questions on the Privateer forums about the effectiveness of the Citadel washes and how they differ from inks. 

I really didn’t care for anything from the Citadel or GW line until recently. I was given a ton of old Citadel and GW paints and inks and washes when a friend moved to New York. Being curious, I tried out the old Citadel Armour Wash. It quickly became one of my favorites on the painting table. I added Future Floor Wax to it and I was in love.

The Citadel Washes have been out for a few months now. They smell horrible, taste even worse but provide some of the best results of any product I’ve used recently. Straight out of the pot, it’s essentially “Shading for Dummies.” They save me time, they work, you can layer them and they’re very, very easy to work with. Aside from the smell. But take a look for yourselves.

For the way I paint, the washes eliminate a stage in the process. The way I used to paint cloth this color was:

  1. Menoth White Base
  2. Ink wash
  3. Menoth White Base
  4. Menoth White Highlight 
  5. Morrow White

By using the washes, the process is now:

  1. Menoth White Highlight
  2. Gryphonne Sepia
  3. Menoth White Highlight
  4. (Morrow White) 

I don’t always add the final highlight, but Grissel is a warlock, so they get a little bit extra. Eventually, I’ll go through all of the Citadel Washes and post similar progressions.

Hope that helps!

~ Jen


8 Responses to Citadel Wash: Gryphonne Sepia

  1. Elliott says:

    Great pictures! I’ve picked up a few of the washes, but haven’t had the time or opportunity to use them yet. Thanks for the advice.

    It’s too bad you don’t like any of the Citadel paints – they really improved the look of my models. But to each their own!

  2. bobaferret says:

    Hey, thanks. 🙂

    I love the older Citadel stuff I’ve gotten my hands on. I think that next to Vallejo Model Color, the GW metallics are great. I’m to the point now where I’ll try just about any brand of paint to see if I can get the desired result.

    Maybe one of these days I’ll line up all my paints and take a pic. Or not. That prospect scares me more than thinking of all the unassembled and unpainted minis I have.

  3. Elliott says:

    Oh dear, I terribly misspoke! The Citadel paints are good enough, but what I was really thinking about (and didn’t say) was the newer Foundation paints released by Citadel. They have a higher pigment count, and in my experience go on a bit smoother.

    • bobaferret says:

      Wow, how could I forget the Foundations? They almost smell as horrible as the washes! I love using those for yellows or reds and I’ve been really pleased with the colors I have. The one annoying bit is that if you’ve had a pot for a little while, the paint gets really chunky around the opening. And I’m not sure why they designed the containers the way they did.

      But thanks for mentioning the Foundations! You’ve given me an idea for another post. 😉

  4. I am a washing rookie. I mean, I shower regularly. I was talking about the Citadel washes and washing models in general.

    You mentioned an inking brush. What kind of brush is that? I am getting ready to break out the Citadel washes on my a couple of my Protectorate models but I find I don’t really know how to “wash” something.

    • bobaferret says:

      I’ve got one brush that I use for my inks and washes. It’s my first Windsor & Newton Series 7 and it looks like it’s been to hell and back. I don’t clean it that often, but I only use it for inks and washes.

      For the Citadel washes, just put them on the model. 🙂

  5. P.S. Grissel looks fantastic!!

  6. P.P.S. Is it wrong to find a female trollkin fell caller hot? 😛

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