Real life intrudes…

So I just found out I’m moving the beginning of May. My landlord let me know a few hours ago that my housemate (her son) wants to move his fiance and her kid in and I’ve got until May 15. And since I’ll be in Seattle on May 13, I need to be out that first week in May. Joy.

Needless to say, painting challenges, blogs, gaming and the like are not at the forefront, which pisses me off almost as much as the prospect of having to relocate me, my animals and all my stuff.

April was going to be a good painting month for me and now I get to sort through boxes and figure out where the hell I’m going to live and if I’m going to need to take on a new job or three to afford it. I’m excited about the blogs and projects I was set to launch in April/May. Now, I don’t have a timeline. I’ve got a more pressing deadline.

I’d like to hope I’ve stored up enough good karma that something will come through, but I’m too much of a realist to believe that. I’m going to ask around. I know in the end, things will work themselves out. And I do believe things happen for a reason. 

It’s just that the reason for this is unclear, and uncertainty bothers me.


4 Responses to Real life intrudes…

  1. gdaybloke says:

    We can chat on the morrow about the roseate and polychromatic blogs, maybe a couple of us can relieve the reins while you get sorted out

  2. I wish I had something witty and inspiring to say but I don’t so I will just say keep your chin up. People are praying/meditating/sending good vibes for you.

  3. Elliott says:

    Curses! And just as I started to get into this whole Warmachine-blog-thing! I guess I’ll have to up my post count, so you can temporarily, vicariously live through my exploits.

    I’m sorry about the raw deal, though. Good hunting.

  4. bobaferret says:

    Thanks, guys. It’s a big relief to know that the silly canine in my life has a home, should he need it. And the economy is so bad here, rents are pretty decent. I know there’s a lesson in this somewhere. At least for the short-term, it’s showing me who my friends are — I’ve gotten a lot of support from the places I should and a lot from some unexpected places.

    I think when the Karma Bunny weighs in on all of this, the folks who need to be kicked in the balls will be kicked — rabbit style.

    Thank you all for the well wishes. I’m going to do my damnedest to keep my momentum, both here and at the painting desk. It’s really just a momentary setback, I just need to keep reminding myself of that. I’ve been through far worse shit than this and emerged stronger. I suspect that will be the case when the dust settles.

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