Citadel washes: Asurmen Blue & Badab Black

At long last, a painting-related update!

Since Saeryn was on the March Challenge list and I was using two more Citadel washes on her, I figured it was as good a time as any for anther step-by-step. The bad thing is, after building a new light box, I realize how shitty the pics are. So my apologies.

The amazing thing about these washes is that I really put them on thick — especially the black over the metallics and I still like the way they turned out. Using the blue over Frost Bite makes it so quick and easy to paint the studio scheme for Legion. It’s not 100% the same way Privateer does it (theirs has less blue), but it works for my client, and much like painting white, it eliminates a layer or two.

Anyway, hope this was helpful. I’ll eventually work through the whole line. An these step-by-steps will have a new home — not killing this blog, but have another one in the works. 😉


2 Responses to Citadel washes: Asurmen Blue & Badab Black

  1. Elliott says:

    So – you just slather the washes on, and then put highlights on the uplifted parts to make the contrast better? I’ve only tried using washes twice – hair, and the flowing cape of a Journeyman Warcaster – and both times I’ve freaked out and tried to wipe it off immediately. I guess there needs to be alot of topography for the wash to work, i.e. flat areas are out?

    • bobaferret says:

      Yup, I slather them on. I probably need to be more judicious, but hey, I’m still learning.

      You do want to make sure there are some recesses for the wash to flow into. But even on a flat surface, the surface tension of the wash will force it to the edges. The other thing is, give it a chance to dry. It doesn’t take long if you’ve got it under your painting lamp and the worst thing that will happen is you don’t like it and you’ll go over it with the basecoat and cover it up. 😉

      I’ve got an experiment I’m going to try with some Space Marines — yeah, I know, nuts with all the Challenge stuff I have to do, but this will make me $$$.

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