Three types of gamers…

After reading Jared/Itchy’s comment on my last entry, it got me thinking.

There are basically three types of gamers that have emerged with the release of the Mk II Field Test. Let’s see if I can properly articulate here without stepping on too many toes. These will all be in the context of Privateer Press and its products, though I’m sure they can be applied elsewhere.

Type 1 — The Believer
These people are optimists and often throw their support behind whatever new product is launched or announced. The have complete faith in the company and will do their best to defend PP and its products. They range from casual players to competitive players. They don’t believe there is anything wrong with Mk II and have faith that the final product will be excellent.

Type 2 — The Dissenter
This gamer is cautiously optimistic. There are things about Mk II they like and others that make them uneasy. They will also defend PP and its products, but they also understand that a dissenting view is a healthy part of the process. They may have been shocked or dismayed after seeing the initial Mk II changes, but are on their way to figuring out how to make feedback work for them. These gamers range from casual to competitive as well.

 Type 3 — The Naysayer
Privateer Press just shot their dog, ran over their grandma and spit on their shoes. Mk II has destroyed everything they loved about Warmachine and turned it into 40k. They believe their opinions don’t matter, so instead of playtesting and submitting constructive feedback, they’ll bitch, whine and moan on the forums and wallow in each other’s misery. They’re unwilling to give the new rules a try and probably don’t play much to begin with.

I’m sure I over-simplified and I know I generalized, but this is what I’ve seen so far. Thankfully, most people seem to be made up of the first two types. Type 3 is nearly impossible to ignore, but I don’t believe they’re the majority.

We’ll get through this. It’ll just take time. It’s a brand new game, that’s what I keep having to tell myself.


3 Responses to Three types of gamers…

  1. TheGreatBlah says:

    Amen to that. Hopefully Type II is for me.

  2. brotherscott says:

    I fall somewhere in the Type II category. I am still trying to scratch my way through the rules. I know I need to stay out of the forums and get down to the LGS and play. I don’t have a problem with the rules as much as I don’t like what has become of model stats.
    I will play though. My new mantras are “I am here to break the pretty new ‘machine” and “I want to kick the (Privateer Press) baby”.

    This is day 3 out of the next 30 or so. There is much work to be done.

  3. bobaferret says:

    I’m definitely Type 2 at this point, though after tonight, I’m getting closer to Type 1 just in order to defend the company from unreasonable people. I know I don’t need to do this, but it’s in my nature. I know people who *make* the rules and the game we love. But I think I can do both *and* be on the fence about the rules. Some people might not think so, but to hell with them anyway. 😛

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