First game; get out and play

Just wanted to mention I played my first Mk II game. It was just like Mk I, but faster.

The things that worried me weren’t an issue.

Terrain and LOS didn’t come into play.

Cygnar still has plenty of “flavor” as does Ashynn.

Nemo still can’t stop a sword with his face.

I’ll probably do a proper battle report in the next day. But what I wanted to mention was a fabulous phone call I had with Privateer Press on Thursday afternoon.

I talked with Kevin first, and asked about my PG hazard pay. He says the check’s in the mail, but I know better than to believe him. 😉 We chatted about some of the negative reactions to Mk II and said he hadn’t heard an example as extreme as mine. Then he passed me to Dan (PPS_Biggie, my PG boss) and we had a wonderful conversation.

See, contrary to opinions on the forums, these guys know there are things that need to be fixed. They know it’s not perfect. They don’t operate in a vacuum and they read ALL of the feedback that’s been submitted (I don’t envy PPS_DC). With four days down, they’ve made significant changes to LOS and “volume” of models — all thanks to the feedback of player who took the time to articulate their concerns.

Long story short, I came away from the phone call in a great mood (Dan and Kevin freakin’ rock) after a fairly shitty Wednesday night. Dan knew the situation, as do a handful of you, and I got a great reminder that the Gang — and Privateer staff — have my back. I’m a lot more confident about Mk II despite having some reservations.

That being said.

Do not feed me any line of bullshit that Privateer doesn’t care about its players or what Mk II means for Warmachine. Do not have the gall to tell me it’s doomed to fail if you haven’t read through the rules and put pewter on the board. Do not try to poison the well with gloom and doom if you’re unwilling to give it a try with a borrowed army. You want to be negative? Take that shit somewhere else. Some of us are busy trying to make Warmachine a better game, trying to fix some of the stuff that freaked us out when we saw the cards on Monday.

If you don’t believe me, if I’m not fucking “official” enough, I’ll be happy to give you the direct line to Kevin Clark and Dan Brandt. Hell, I’ll call them from my phone so it won’t charge you a damn thing. If that’s not good enough, I’ll give you Matt Wilson’s email address and you can deal with the man himself.

Heading into Day 5, we’re approaching the point where folks are going to get on board or get left behind. Which type of player do you want to be? Do you want to mope, and say “Privateer doesn’t care what I have to say, it won’t matter” or do you want to open your eyes and see that the process is working?

PPS_Kevin, CptCain, Godimuspryme, Rawtooth, Devilsquid, Bobaferret, PPS_Biggie

PPS_Kevin, CptCain, Godimuspryme, Rawtooth, Devilsquid, bobaferret, PPS_Biggie

I didn’t plan on turning this into a rant, but there you go. I guess if the uninformed can be ignorantly passionate, I can counter that with the passion that made me want to be a Press Ganger in the first place. You want to be passionate about Privateer Press wronged you, shot your hamster and wrecked your Yugo? I can be passionate about what a great thing Warmachine is, how it’s helped me form some fantastic friendships despite the thousands of miles in between. You see that picture? I hadn’t met any of those guys until Templecon, would not have met them without Warmachine. I consider all of them my friends, aside from the stupid waiter in the back. Sure, my passion and enjoyment aren’t going to be the same as yours or the next persons. But I’m not putting that energy into negativity.

For every negative argument, I can find something positive — and still admit that there is a lot of work to be done with Mk II.

Watch out, bitches. This bitch is back.


5 Responses to First game; get out and play

  1. gdaybloke says:

    Not my hamster! No, No, don’t shoot my hamster! NoooooOOO!

    Glad to hear you’ve got your second wind, hon (*hugs*)


  2. Devilsquid says:

    The Bitch is dead. Long live the Bitch!

  3. TheGreatBlah says:

    Spectacular, truely.

  4. says:

    Mk I or Mk II. I don’t mind if…
    Well, with bobaferret,I agree whole heartily. Change often scares people. They may feel left behind, ignored or just abandoned. You must be willing to grow as a gamer and as a person. You can’t grow without something changing. But not all change it good. Change must be for improvement or refinement. It should not simply be for the sake of being different. I hope Privateer Press continues to grow and expand their entire line. Their success will guarantee the following of many enthusiastic gamers and hobbyist, of which I am one. I’m very enthusiastic about Privateer Press. My wallet has followed that enthusiasm much to my wife’s chagrin. I enjoy war gaming in general but I love the heavy metal feel of the Warmachine and Hordes miniatures. I sincerely hope Privateer Press continues to create and maintain the solid metal miniatures I fell in love with . There is a trend for companies to economize and maximize their profit margins once they establish a name and some brand loyalty. One way among many, is to move towards cheaper materials and labor. Plastic and over seas production are often explored for this very reason. I understand the price of everything is going up, I feel it too but for me, it’s the light, cheap feel of plastic miniatures that is turning me off to other well known and well established brands. I do not intend to offend but I don’t care to beat around the bush. I love Privateer Press’ metal miniatures. I just hope they stay metal.

    • bobaferret says:

      Well, the Bastions are definitely plastic and from photos, they look great. My LGS owner got a chance to see them in person at GAMA and said they look fantastic. So, I’m encouraged about them. I’m by no means a GW fan, but I do admit, their plastics are great — I picked up a box of the Chaos Knights and those models look great.

      So we’ll wait and see. Mk II *and* plastics will be huge for Privateer Press in the coming year. And even though I may not agree with everything 100%, I do still have faith in the company to provide me with my primary source of entertainment.

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