New banner for my sig on the forums. Is there a hidden message?

We’re nearly two full weeks into the Field Test. There are some amazing things being said on the forums. Not amazing because they’re great, but amazing because it’s the internet and frankly, stupid shit gets said.

I’m not pretending to be an innocent bystander in any of this. I’ve just reached the saturation point and I’ve formed my opinions and I’m going to go forward. There are enough people beating dead horses where I don’t have a whole lot to add to the conversation. Which is why I made the banner. Play. Don’t whine, don’t nitpick, play. Very simple.

Since I’ve tried to step back a bit, I’ve been able to notice some interesting things from the past 10 days.

  • Freak-out mode has (finally) passed. I was in a tizzy like most other folks after reading the cards. I was worried about my units and solos. No, how could they take away Sword Master from Sword Knights? That made that unit unique! Hey, I played a game with em, and they still kill stuff dead. Who knew.
  • Flavorless fades. Again, I was in this camp until I played. Removing Ability X from that unit kills the flavor! They’re just like anyone else! Yeah. Played with Stormguard, fearless would be nice, but it was much cooler to be able to Pulse with the Thunderhead and not fry my guys. Immunities are pretty neat. I can accept that as part of Cygnar’s new flavor (Cygnar haz a flavor!).
  • The rule set is solid. The majority of people I’ve spoken with agree the Mk II core rules are solid. After playing two games, I really don’t see a difference. There are things on the cards I don’t have memorized yet, but hey, it’s been 10 days. The core game mechanic is unchanged and many of the more cumbersome interactions are gone.

Having said all that, it’s become apparent that since the rules are pretty tight, folks are just trying to come up with stuff to bitch about. For example, there’s a thread in the Mk II discussion forum about how Stormsmiths are overpowered. Yeah. The same guys where if you think about a stiff breezes, they die. They’re 1 point, don’t require LOS to make a skill check for Storm Call. On an 8 or lower, the target suffers a POW10 and is disrupted. This is virtually unchanged since these models have been around. But the argument is that for 1 point, you shouldn’t be able to disrupt since disruption is a “game breaker.”


I’m sorry. This will sound like favoritism since I play Cygnar, but pick a real model with some fucking teeth to bitch about. I’ll buy the argument that the Thunderhead is overpowered, hell, I submitted feedback saying it was. But a 1-point fruity-looking solo? Give me a break. Tell me the GMCA is still overpowered at 3 points because he has Phantom Seeker that ignores the same stuff the Stormsmith does.

The bottom line is this: Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it broken. There are plenty of things with, say Cryx, that I don’t like, but learning how to beat them is the fun of the game. If you PLAY you’ll figure out ways to beat these combos. You’ll gain the upper hand. Believe me. The first time I killed a Seneschal and then killed the troops around him was the last. Restoration doesn’t make that model broken, it means you need to plan the order in which you kill things. Rule of thumb: Kill him last. Same thing with Zealots or the Choir — pre-Mk II, you killed the Zealot priest to get rid of the prayers, then the Monolith Bearer. With the Choir, you pop the leader they forget the words to the songs.

I need to start spending more time in the painting forums. The Mk II stuff is making me bat-shit insane like I knew it would — even the Press Gang forum, I’m sad to say. I’ll go back to being more selective about what I read and post in.

Besides, less time on the forums means more time for painting. And the clock is ticking for the Invitational.


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