Maybe something to help when pinning…

I picked up the Privateer Press P3 video a while back, and watched it as I sat and painted. Well, OK, I watched while my paint dried.

One of the assembly tricks suggested when pinning was to use “blue tack” or “sticky tack” to align the holes  for easier line up. I thought I would share that here as well. Sticky Tack can be found at hardware and department stores for the most part, and it is pretty inexpensive. It is used to hang posters (where you can’t use nails or don’t want to use tape) and temporarily hold things together. Good stuff.

I was asked very kindly (and I offered) to assemble a unit of Steelhead Halbardiers to avoid frustration on the part of the owner of said models. I had done this before, and it would be my 3rd time doing so.

I assembly lined everything, putting legs and bodies on bases and figuring out which parts were going to go to which models. If you haven’t assembled Halbardiers, they come in many pieces and can be a royal pain to get together. Some of the bodies are apart from the legs, only 2 of them have join markings, and I pinned those with ease. The other 4 models do not have any markings, and can be a challenge to get the pins lined up. The other alternative is to green stuff the models together and use the ZAP CA (the pink bottle) to get in the cracks and make a good join. This was not the case for me. I pinned them.

Using the trick mentioned in the P3 video, it became much easier.

I drilled the hole in the torso of the model, then rolled up a small ball of sticky tack and put it between the legs and torso of the models and pressed them together (much like you would green stuff). One quick note is that you want to wet the side with the hole already drilled, or it will stick everything together and you will lose the location you want to drill. The stuff really sticks things together, though it is temporary.

The sticky tack in the middle

The sticky tack in the middle

When I separated the pieces, I was left with a small indent where the hole needed to be, and was able to get the pin holes aligned without much of  a problem. Another note is that you want to start the hole and then remove the blue stuff. It will stick to your pin bit and the metal you drill out of the hole, making it unusable for the next model. That is the other beauty, you can re-use the same piece for as many models as you need to pin. Pretty cost effective.

now I know where to drill

now I know where to drill

What isn’t obvious in the picture above is that I got the torso backwards. I noticed this after I had drilled my hole. Luckily, this was the second model out of the four, and I was able to use the technique on the next one to get the pin holes to line up.

The rest of the assembly went fairly quick, and I had thought about pinning the arms and heads,  but decided instead to green stuff and ‘pink’ glue them, which does hold up well in most cases.

I went on to assemble a Gnarlhorn Satyr using the blue tack method to align my pin holes and had no more troubles all day.

Hope this helps someone out there. The P3 video is pretty good overall, kind of nice to see that I have learned some things over the past few years. I am anxious to see what they bring us in volume 2.

Thanks for checking in-



4 Responses to Maybe something to help when pinning…

  1. bobaferret says:

    Heh… now I just have to field them. 🙂

    My life is much happier since I didn’t have to assemble these models!

  2. TheGreatBlah says:

    This blog is fantastic for this reason.

  3. Roninjr says:

    Great advice, I’ll be getting that DVD and using this new intel to speed up my work. Thanks, it’s very considerate of you.

  4. brotherscott says:

    @roninjr- I am not going to say that the DVD is the be all/ end all of how to, especially for those of us that have been doing it for a few years, but there are some tricks that help speed things up. It was nice to find out that I have been doing some things right and I need to work on other techniques, and get faster.

    @TheGreatBlah- Thanks!! I will try to keep up on more of what I am doing. Knocking out terrain lately, but I am getting back to painting. It is good encouragement for me to keep going and documenting, so maybe some day I will be consistent at this blog thing.

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