Alright, time to chime in again

Well I have been sort of a silent partner on this site, I guess it is partly due to low amounts of any at home time.  Anyway, I am going to broken record a few things.  Mk2, my thoughts are simple, this isa good big move.  Everything is mostly balanced with a lot less auto includes, except that it is jacks.  I have built my Mk2 lists like I build my Hordes list, caster, jacks…several of them, then some filler units and solos.  Oh and I look at Cryx and don’t feel all dirty and nasty inside, a first in two years.  Now then, the only down side to Mk2 is I find myself easily distracted from Warmachine and a little less jazzed over Hordes, I still play but the fervor is toned down, mainly from the thought of waiting forthe new stuff.  Still a great company, awesome games, and even better models.  Please, please, please keep up the good work Privateer Gang.  And so with the distractio ncomment, I am trying to get geared up and fired up for posting pics of my, what was supposed to be small, Lizardmen army.  I know a tease, but hopefully later tonight I will fine tune the pics of my first painted model, an Ancient Stegadon.


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