Getting Excited

So i stopped off into the LGS and was hoping to see a sign up sheet for our upcoming PAX invitational qualifier tournament.  The clerk looked at me weird and then it hit me, it is still May.  I am guess I am just really excited about the event, even though I know I am going to face chessy lists, or everyones A game, and well I relish the challenge.  I am still debating over unpacking my Cryx and packing all of my old Tryx, like Witch Coven, arc nodes, harrower, satyxis, biles, pistol wraiths, more arc nodes.  Or maybe even my 15 and 0 Iron Lich list.  But then of course I imagine bringing my favorite orange army, my Circle.  I still have to get them assembled, but the Shadowhorn Satyrs have me giggling, but I would bring either some fairly untested(or I guess ones that I am not on automatic with) models like the druids with ua, the shadowhorns.  Or I pack Mercs,  the two mules for ashlynn list and a gorten seaforge list.  I feel a little dirty because i am thinking of what lists will win me the tournament and cause me to call whambulances for my opponent, they will cry.  I am not thinking what lists would be fun for me and my opponent to play. But I should be able to make this tournament, I put in for the day off and after covering 3 co workers, including the bosses vacations, I think I should be able to get the day I want.  Gah! so excited, thanks Boba for throing this shin dig on, oh and I should also be able to get down really early to help you get the thing set up, just keep me posted as to what time you want me around.  I know it is still May, I know.


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